crocheted beach blanket

August 13th, 2014

linen beach blanket with crochet edging on elsie marley

Four years ago, I crocheted some edging on a few yards of linen and made myself a beach blanket. I have loved that thing ever since. It’s just the right mix of utilitarian and fancy for me (and for the beach). It has held up suprisingly well. The crochet bit has gotten skrunchy and soft from all the washings. The photos below are from when I made it and today.

crocheted beach blanket on elsie marley


My best friend also is quite taken with it. When her birthday rolled around this year, I wanted to make her one. I knew I had some of the same blue and white linen I had used for mine in my stash. Then during KCW I absent-mindedly cut into to make pants for my daughter (“Where did this great fabric come from?!” duh).

The fabric store did not have any more, but they did have this sand-colored linen blend with sparkly silver stripes. Even better! I hemmed the ends like I did to mine. Then I hemmed and hawed about what pattern to use. Like for waaaay too long. I do love procrastinating, especially when it’s the pursuing patterns kind of procrastinating.

linen beach blanket with crochet edging on elsie marley


Two weeks before her birthday I had to decide. So I picked this Japanese pattern I found on Pinterest. I wasn’t sure what the scale would be, but went for it anyway. I had to start over a couple times because it had been so long since I crocheted that I FORGOT HOW!  But after a few stumbles, it worked up super quick!

crochet beach blanket by elsie marley

I’m happy to say she loved it. And there are even a few more precious weeks of summer for her to enjoy it.


stripy suit

August 6th, 2014

stripy swim suit on elsie marley

I started sewing clothes for my kids 6 years ago. These pants are actually the first thing I ever made! Part of me is very proud at how far I’ve come. That up there is a by god homemade swimsuit! But then another part of me is disappointed with my sloth-like pace.

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summer kcw: striped tank and green shorts

It wouldn’t be KCW if there wasn’t some sort of screw up. I really thought I would have a new outfit each day to post this week, but no. These shorts were supposed to be for my 7-year-old boy, but they were way too big. I had a black t-shirt I made for him too. I was about to iron on a design he made, but then his younger brother’s shirt came out of the dryer.

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rainbow pocket tank // elsie marley

This outfit is inspired by this season theme KID ART, but only a little. The tank I made last summer, well made most of. I never bound the armhole (armcyes? both words are ridiculous) or put on a pocket. I wanted to do something theme related with the pocket, but I don’t have a lot of kid art-like fabrics in my stash. When I found this old rainbow shirt from the 70s I immediately thought of my daughter’s rainbow obsession. She drew them on everything, everywhere! We had a rather epic rainbow birthday party, complete with a rainbow dress and cake and playdough and a pinata!

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ice scream shirt on elsie marley   I think if you have one artist in the family, the other kids shy away from it. My daughter draws all day long. My sons, barely ever. It’s hard for me to get my youngest to even pick up a pencil. It doesn’t help that he the lone lefty in a family of right handers. But he does know how to write all the letters and if you catch him in the right mood, he’s game.

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