moon phase sleeper // elsie marley

This KCW has been all about making gifts for babies. I thought it would be super quick and I could crank em out. Not so. As I’ve gotten better at sewing, I’ve gotten slower. Seems counterintuitive, I know. Yes, I can sew faster, but now when I make things I want to make them better not faster. That means slowing down and ironing a hem before I sew it–pinning it even! [just as an aside: I listened to a podcast where the interviewee, Soyna Phillip, said the same thing. It's a good one, go listen]

I wanted this little sleeper to be especially perfect because it’s for a brand new baby. I made sure to strengthen all the seams and sew all the hems with a stretch stitch. Wrestling a baby into clothes is hard enough without seams popping all over the place.

moon phase sleeper // elsie marley

The stencil was inspired by Goodnight Moon. “Oh barf,” you’re thinking, “she took her inspiration from such an obvious book.” Or maybe you’re not that snarky. Still, Goodnight Moon is everyone’s go to kids book (I think we were given no less than 5 copies). You’ve read it a thousand times I’m sure, but have you ever noticed the moon?

Clement Hurd drew the moon and the stars moving through the sky as the book progresses. The moon slowly rises as the bunny goes to sleep. He even drew the clock to show the passing of time. Look at the clock on the mantel next time you read Goodnight Moon. The bunny’s bedtime is 7pm and it takes until 8:10 for him to get to sleep. That’s about right :)

There are some gifs of the clock and moon movement here (be warned this post gets ridiculously pedantic).

goodnight moon

I was always struck by that attention detail and loved the book so much more because of it. There are actually a lot of little hidden details. You can read the “allusion and references” bit in the wikipedia entry for even more. And did you know there is a sequel to Goodnight Moon?  It’s called My World (affiliate link) and it follows the bunny through his day.

moon phase sleeper // elsie marley

For the stencil I cut the phases of the moon out of freezer paper freehand. I wanted it to look like a sketch, so I didn’t fill in the stencil completely. There are a couple flubs, but it turned out even better than I hoped.

I made a few bibs too, with that same bandana bib pattern I used before. I think this turned out to be a nice little baby gift!


see more about this project here


bunny lovey

October 22nd, 2014

handmade bunny lovey // elsie marley

You know how yesterday I made a baby outfit inspired by this page from I Can Fly? Well, after staring at that page for so long, I had to make a bunny too!

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kcw fall 2014: storybook

October 21st, 2014

I Can Fly! // elsie marley

The theme for this season’s KCW is STORYBOOK. I have a lot of favorite kids’ books, but this one is my favorite favorite. It’s fun to read, which is a must when it comes to kid’s books. I hate slogging through poorly written bleh books (I’m looking at you Berenstain Bears). But I Can Fly is wonderfully written, which is not a big surprise seeing that it’s by the great children’s book author, Ruth Krauss. She’s written some fantastic books. A Hole is to Dig is really good too: random and perfectly kid.

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Hello! Sorry I haven’t been updating the old elsie marley, but I’ve been working on the new season of Kid’s Clothes Week! There is so much good stuff going on over there! This season’s theme is STORYBOOK (good, right?!). Our amazing contributors have been hard at work coming up with clever ways you can use that theme.

sewing kid's clothes inspired by kid's books!  // KCW

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creative assignment due: twofer

September 24th, 2014

Last week I gave you guys an assignment, a creative assignment. First, you gave me a list of words. Then I paired them up randomly and gave them back to you. From those two words you were to make something, anything! And you made all kinds of awesome things! There are actually too many to show here, so I thought I’d feature them on the elsie marley facebook page throughout the week. But I can’t not show you a few of my favorites:

creative assignment on elsie marley

Erin is an artist who make fantastic plush dolls. She sells her creations in her shop, Boolah Baguette. She made this alligator sailor for the creative assignment and I totally fell for him: stripy tank, jaunty hat, how could you not love him?!

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