polka dot hoodie on elsie marley

Ta Da! Finally, the hoodie is finished! And she even likes it! You can see lots more happy kids in their happy homemade hoodies in the flickr group.

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happy homemade sew-along: day five

Today is the last day of the sew-along. Cherie shows you how to add buttonholes and hem everything and just make your hoodie look all finished and fantastic! Go check out her post!  When you are finished be sure to add your hoodie to the flickr group!

happy homemade sew-along: day four

It’s day four and today’s the day we tackle the tough part of this hoodie: the hood. Even though I’ve made this hoodie 4 times before, I always felt like I was attaching the hood incorrectly. The first thing I did when I got the English version of this book was to flip to the directions for the hood. Sadly, they were no clearer in English than in Japanese (which I don’t know). Well, after looking much more closely, I realized there was a typo:

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happy homemade sew-along: day one

It’s DAY THREE of the happy homemade sew-along. Head over to Cherie’s blog to see how to sew your hoodie together. As an added bonus, she shows you how to line the hood!

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happy homemade sew-along: day two

Welcome to day two of the Happy Homemade Sew-along! Yesterday, Cherie showed you how to trace the hoodie pattern and add seam allowances. Today we’re going to cut out the fabric and do a little prep before we sew. Ready?

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