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summer kcw 2014: rainbow pocket tank and linen pants

rainbow pocket tank // elsie marley

This outfit is inspired by this season theme KID ART, but only a little. The tank I made last summer, well made most of. I never bound the armhole (armcyes? both words are ridiculous) or put on a pocket. I wanted to do something theme related with the pocket, but I don’t have a lot of kid art-like fabrics in my stash. When I found this old rainbow shirt from the 70s I immediately thought of my daughter’s rainbow obsession. She drew them on everything, everywhere! We had a rather epic rainbow birthday party, complete with a rainbow dress and cake and playdough and a pinata!

rainbows on elsie marley

She’ll be 9 in the fall and her crazy love of rainbows is fading. Parenting as your kids gets older gets much harder. People tell you this when you have little kids, but how can you believe them? They are talking to you wearing a very nice outfit that does not have someone else’s boogers or breakfast or god-knows-what-else on it. Their child speaks in complete sentences and sleeps all night–sleeps in even!

rainbow pocket tank // elsie marley

But it’s true. It does. Murkier waters lie ahead.  Morality, temperance, how not to be an asshole, these are all things that have to be addressed in real ways. It’s not all rainbows and sparkles. Though part of her is still rainbows and I need to remember that when she has worn me down to a nub arguing for something or railing against the world for being 100% against her.

  rainbow pocket tank and wide-leg linen pants // elsie marley

So that’s what this t-shirt is all about I guess: trying to figuring out how to parent a girl who is still little but growing up quickly. That and it’s just a cute tank top.

japanese pattern book // elsie marley

The pattern is from this book called Easy Kids Clothes (or maybe something else completely I don’t know Japanese) by the same author who wrote Happy Homemade vol.2, Ruriko Yamada. The tank is gathered a bit in the front and has a yoke in the back (and it is gathered under the yoke a little too). It’s breezy and cool and perfect for summer.

rainbow pocket tank and wide-leg linen pants // elsie marley

The pants are perfectly summery too. The fabric is a linen blend–the same as our beach towel actually! Ha! When your mother is a sewist your outfits often match the decor.

wide leg linen pants on elsie marley

I put a little heart tag to spruce them up, but other than that they are basic wide leg pants. That’s it for day three of KCW!


kcw summer 2014: ice scream shirt

ice scream shirt on elsie marley   I think if you have one artist in the family, the other kids shy away from it. My daughter draws all day long. My sons, barely ever. It’s hard for me to get my youngest to even pick up a pencil. It doesn’t help that he the lone lefty in a family of right handers. But he does know how to write all the letters and if you catch him in the right mood, he’s game.


kcw summer 2014: happy food and stripe-y shorts

happy food and stripe-y shorts on elsie marley

It’s day one of Kid’s Clothes Week! I started super early this KCW. Mostly because all my kids needed summer clothes. The problem with starting early is that one project turns into 4 more that I want to make. See I work like a crazy person. I don’t start one thing and then work on it until it’s done. No, I start something then get an idea for something else, abandon my first project and start on the new one right away. Then I get discouraged, or bored, or get an idea for yet another project and start that.


kcw spring 2014: outfit #3

spring kcw: outfit #3 on elsie marley

For this outfit the inspiration pic doesn’t really look like it did much to inspire me. originally the plan was to do khaki jeans and a grid check shirt just like the very stylish lady is wearing, but then the grid print looked better on my youngest’s ensemble. So I switched out the grid print for a large scale gingham (or do you call it buffalo plaid? I don’t know).

spring kcw: outfit #3 on elsie marley


kcw spring 2014: outfit #2

spring kcw: outfit #2 on elsie marley

I am particularly excited about this dress. Mostly because I drafted the whole thing myself (pretty much on the fly) and it turned out even better than I imagined. The satisfaction of dreaming something up, struggling with it, and then making it work is like no other. And it is why I love sewing.

triangle dress on elsie marley

The inspiration for my daughter’s Easter dress was this amazing Marimekko dress.  You know those pictures that you keep returning to again and again (on pinterest or in magazines or wherever it is you find your inspiration)? Where each time you see them you fall in love with them all over again. The picture of that dress was like that for me. (more…)