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more pillows

three new couch pillows

When I am frustrated with a project, but not frustrated enough to pour a big glass of wine and watch some trashy tv, I make pillows. We have a lot of pillows. Tell me I am not the only one who does this. Do you turn to simple projects to make you feel better when you are failing miserably?

three pillows

The fabric for the new ones are, from right to left: some ikea fabric left over from the crib bumper, plain old random blue fabric (some of which is half way to being shorts for my son), and this awesome drop cloth print by Jay McCarroll.

birds by geninne

One more too, because that Wiksten tank I’m trying to fix is looking pretty Becky HomeEcy. This print is by Geninne who did a lovely line of organic fabric for Cloud 9.  I fell for it when Erin made this top (it seems the wiksten tank is haunting me).

more mobiles

The mobile swap is “over,” but I am still working on mine and I know there are other procrastinators out there scrambling to finish. So I thought I’d post a few more lovely ones from the flickr mobile swap group this week. The four above stuck out because of their unique construction. The first is a promotional piece from Hatch Designs that was posted by Dave from I don’t think it’s actually for the swap, but a bird mobile that pops out of egg carton material is too fantastic to not show you. The next is by Elizabeth from e p i t a. It’s not finished, but what a great idea–like sticking baseball cards in your dirt bikes, but in mobile form. The bottom left picture is from Terry at Her idea was to make a mobile that looked like a bouquet of flowers turned upside down. It turned out great and the cone hides all the messy construction bits but still looks super stylish. Well done! The last is a simple felt garland hung from one end. Elizabeth from used a pattern from a japanese craft book to make this sweet little mobile (that doubles as a garland). These and all the other fantastic mobiles are on the flickr mobile swap group. Mine will be done soon, I hope. I think it’s probably in bad taste for the swap organizer to be late for the swap, but it’s my party. I’ve had the pattern done for a week now, but keep changing my mind when it comes to what material to use. It’s time to just fish or cut bait.


There is only a week left to make your mobile–if you are in the mobile swap, that is! I’ve been meaning to put up some of my favorites from the mobile swap group and now it’s almost over.  The group is filling up fast, so go check it out. They are all amazing, but these are just a few that caught my eye.  The first one is by Julie from and I even though there are a lot of bird mobiles being made (and just a lot of bird motifs in the crafty underground in general) I think these are lovely.  They float right above their branches, which is just perfect.  The next one is by Sarah from 4 in the south + pets.  She used metal, felt, and a coat hanger to make a beautiful mobile with a great shape.  The third mobile (bottom left) is by Melinda from mypurplecrayon.  The wood is oak veneer (bought at the lumber supply shop!) and the balls are made of felt. I think it looks a little like an underwater scene and it’s stunning.  The last mobile is unfortunately not for the swap, but beautiful nonetheless.  Mithi from made it for the mailmeart exhibition (hence the airmail envelopes).  All the birds have stories behind them and the amazing packaging she made is part of the piece as well. Click here for the whole story.

My mobile is, umm, still in the planning process.  The plan was to work on it today, but my daughter woke up with a fever, so no school today.  After some tylenol she is as good as new and now it’s a plain old day here:  trying not to go crazy stuck inside (it’s 5 below zero here today and god only know what the wind chill is) with two babies.  I’m off to go build bunny’s house.

thank you and a sewing machine cozy

Thank you everyone who is visiting from Sew Mama Sew. And thank you to Sew Mama Sew for featuring me a few times (!) this week. It’s an honor to have my things on such a fantastic blog. If you’d like to know who’s writing this blog (me) you can click on the about link on the right. Thank you for all your kind comments. I try to reply to most, but I’m a little behind because of the holidays. Starting a blog was on my to do list for most of this (2007) year and I’m so glad to have finally crossed it off. I never would have believed that a few kind words from strangers could inspire me so much. Many of you are no longer strangers, but people I look to often for advice.  Thank you for sharing your ideas and thoughts with me. It’s a pleasure to be a part of such a creative and supportive community. I’ll need even more of that support next year because one of my resolutions is to start an etsy shop.  And sew myself some clothes that don’t suck.  Do you have any crafty resolutions for the new year?

The picture is a present I made for another sister.  I showed you the needlebook and pincushion already, but I made the sewing machine cover to match after seeing the sorry looking toaster cozy she was using to cover up her sewing machine. Just a simple lined piece of patchwork with ribbon ties on each end.  And an embroidered sewing machine so she knows where it goes (not on the toaster).

Hope you all have a happy new year!