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There is only a week left to make your mobile–if you are in the mobile swap, that is! I’ve been meaning to put up some of my favorites from the mobile swap group and now it’s almost over.  The group is filling up fast, so go check it out. They are all amazing, but these are just a few that caught my eye.  The first one is by Julie from and I even though there are a lot of bird mobiles being made (and just a lot of bird motifs in the crafty underground in general) I think these are lovely.  They float right above their branches, which is just perfect.  The next one is by Sarah from 4 in the south + pets.  She used metal, felt, and a coat hanger to make a beautiful mobile with a great shape.  The third mobile (bottom left) is by Melinda from mypurplecrayon.  The wood is oak veneer (bought at the lumber supply shop!) and the balls are made of felt. I think it looks a little like an underwater scene and it’s stunning.  The last mobile is unfortunately not for the swap, but beautiful nonetheless.  Mithi from made it for the mailmeart exhibition (hence the airmail envelopes).  All the birds have stories behind them and the amazing packaging she made is part of the piece as well. Click here for the whole story.

My mobile is, umm, still in the planning process.  The plan was to work on it today, but my daughter woke up with a fever, so no school today.  After some tylenol she is as good as new and now it’s a plain old day here:  trying not to go crazy stuck inside (it’s 5 below zero here today and god only know what the wind chill is) with two babies.  I’m off to go build bunny’s house.