yellow stripe shirt

March 8th, 2010


This is a crazy easy project. Just iron down some freezer paper on a shirt and slap some yellow paint on it. It’s a super springy shirt that I copied straight out of this japanese craft book. I don’t own the book, but it looks like it has some awesome patterns in it. As with most japanese craft books the shapes are so simple and the fabric choices so spot on you want to make everything in it, but then dammit it’s just not as easy to follow directions in japanese as they say it is–even if there are lots of pictures. I’m working on a japanese pattern right now and it’s slow going. It’s yellow too actually. We need some yellow here in the grey midwest, but if this 50 degree weather will stay I won’t complain about the grey.

and here he is showing off his matching yellow star undies.


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20 Responses to yellow stripe shirt

  1. karen says:

    Love the underwear. Can this mean the year of toilet training is over?

  2. Jane says:

    Fabulous matching pair. My youngest loves yellow too

  3. dana says:

    Awesome Meg. Not a lot of people get a gold star on their crotch. Brilliant.

  4. lera says:

    The undies are fabulous.

  5. Jill says:

    Sounds like an easy project.
    The undies really made me smile – my daughter would ask for butterflies on hers :0)

  6. trula says:

    this looks great. I really like the white and yellow colour combination. Goes well with the sunshine in your pictures.

  7. trula says:

    there is sunshine, isn’t there?

  8. Heather says:

    This shirt is great! And so is the book. I have made several things from it and would highly recommend it.
    (Nice undies, too).

  9. hayley l. says:

    It’s usually the simplest projects that are the most awesome, huh? Those undies are too much. : )

  10. Imene says:

    Such lovely project! I love the shirt but the undies are the best!

  11. Angie says:

    I’m loving this shirt, so simple yet so fantastic (Imy kind of project!)

  12. I love the shirt – I’m still yet to try the freezer paper thing. Maybe this would be the project to try.

    You’ve scared me, though – I’m just about to start my first Japanese pattern attempt and you go and tell me that they aren’t as easy as they look. If you don’t find them easy, what chance do I have???

  13. Holly says:

    The undies & the shirt? So cute and channeling the under-roos from our childhood–only yours is much cooler.

  14. nath says:

    um, can i get this freezer paper in the UK? and how exactly did you do it? i love it so sunny and bright!

  15. urban craft says:

    okay, I must get this book.
    But I should learn how to make clothes first.

  16. […] have to make it all again, but it’s actually been kind of fun so far. And I love me some freezer paper stencils. Printing this pattern over and over really makes me want to print my own fabric […]

  17. Annie says:

    I have been poking around your blog and just love it. What a great mix of stuff you have and great pics too. I love this shirt for a little boy and the star on the undies rocks too.


  18. […] I finished up these shorts today. The pattern was from Happy Homemade Vol. 2 and he’s wearing the shirt I copied from the book […]

  19. Miranda says:

    So cute! The undies and the shirt, it’s like a superhero outfit. He just needs some tights and a yellow cape!

  20. Van et Nina says:

    I’ve posted the yellow stripe shirt you’ve inspired to me :