kids clothes week challenge: day 7

May 16th, 2010

hey look! you made it to the last day of the kids clothes week challenge! One hour left to hem everything you spent all week making. It’s been amazing to see what everyone has made by just working a little bit everyday.  Some people worked on one garment all week and other people managed to sew up something new everyday.  I finished up these shorts today. The pattern was from Happy Homemade Vol. 2 and he’s wearing the shirt I copied from the book too.

I started these on Friday and I was lucky enough to spend that evening sewing with some of my friends. Friends who were nice enought to join in on the challenge and they made some of their first garments for their little ones.  Sitting around a dining room filled with sewing machines (and cake and wine) talking and laughing was wonderful. This challenge has been like that, only with 200 people around the table!  I am absolutely floored by the things you have sewn and the momentum you created by sewing everyday. A lot of people have asked me to keep the challenge going for a few weeks! And really there is no reason you should stop.

It has taken me all week to figure out I’m making clothes that are a size too big for all of my kids. So even though I got a lot done, most things won’t be worn until next summer. I guess I’ll have to do the week over for this year’s wardrobe, but I honestly don’t mind. I’ve learned a bunch of new things and sewing doesn’t feel like so much of a task any more. What about you? Did you have a good time? Did you cross everything off your list?

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  2. Oh….I missed the challenge. And I’ve just started sewing again! These shorts are beautiful. I’m on a hunt for some fun boy clothing to sew since I have a bunch of Japanese sewing books for girls only – shorts are a good idea. I know there must be some easy patterns out there. And, I often make clothing a size big because children grow so quickly.

  3. […] of pants. These are made with some nice, heavy wide wale corduroy and I used the same pattern as these shorts I made, only longer. Of course they are too long and too big all over really, but the boy grows […]