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pillow week: one

The first day is always easy; it’s the second day I usually crash and burn. It’s pillow week don’t you know. Seems I need a themed week on the internet to get me to actually make something. Why is that?

Look I even put in a zipper: a nice little metal number that I got god know where. It would look really good if it wasn’t so obviously off center, but that’s what I get for not pinning or even planning.

The fabric is from a friend who very kindly shared a little of her ikea stash.  Maybe I’ll get the ornaments to match.

thrift thursday


That there is some 100 percent of the finest acrylic crocheted up into one spiffy pillow. It’s scratchy as hell, but it’s this fantastic neony pink so it came home with me. I love the old lady thrift store. I also went to the dig and save the other day, but the light these days is crap so I’ll show you some other time. I get sort of paralyzed by the craziness of the dig and save, so never feel like I’m really taking advantage of it’s awesomeness. People have hooks and plastic gloves and determination to Get Shit! for $1/lb, so I mostly just get out of their way.

summer pillow

Sometime you just have to pat yourself on the back for making the damn pillow already.

dolly accessories

sorry for the absence, I am slowing crawling out of a flu hole–one that sucked me in for almost a week.  Thank goodness for extremely supportive and hardworking husbands!
Needless to say, nothing got done this past week.  But in honor of whipup’s children’s crafts month, which I am very excited about, I scrounged up some things I made for my daughter a while back.  It surprises me how excited she is to have accessories for her dolls (as I cannot accessories myself out of a paper bag).  The top two photos are pictures of the swing smock from Amy Karol’s book, “Bend the Rules Sewing.”  I just traced the pattern in the book–no enlarging necessary–and followed her directions.  I used velcro as a fastener instead of ties, but other than that it is the same as the bigger version.  The bottom left is a little mattress and pillow for her dolly’s cradle.  I should have used extra batting on the inside so it was more tufted, but oh well.  And the last is a wonky dolly diaper.  Super easy and as this one has already been lost, I think it’s time for me to make another.   She didn’t help with any of these, but a child could certainly pick out the fabric and older kids could even help sew.
Never in my wildest dreams did I think I would be making accessories for a plastic dolly, but here I am.


ruffle pillow, originally uploaded by elsiemarley.

I made this a little while back from Amy Butler’s book “In Stitches.” I bought the book mostly because this pattern caught my eye. I’ve been making the same stupid ass pillow in different sizes since I learned to sew and it was getting pretty tired. This one is completely different: round, a little bizarre and out of left field, but still kind of girly and cute. My good friend laughed out loud when she saw it on my couch for the first time. It was a hell of a lot harder than I thought it would be. Turns out I have no idea how to sew on ruffles–is there a secret? I’m not in on it that’s for sure. I wrestled with my sewing machine and made it work, but it wasn’t pretty. Thankfully the ruffles and the blinding yellow stripes distract you from the actual construction of the thing. A word of warning if you ever make this little pillow: it will eat your fabric. All 3 1/2 yards of it. For one pillow. One pillow. Better get that shit on sale. That said, though, I think it would be nice done in patchwork. But then again, that’s 3 1/2 yards of scraps you have to piece together. And I’m not ready to wrestle.