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summer kcw 2014: striped tank and green shorts

summer kcw: striped tank and green shorts

It wouldn’t be KCW if there wasn’t some sort of screw up. I really thought I would have a new outfit each day to post this week, but no. These shorts were supposed to be for my 7-year-old boy, but they were way too big. I had a black t-shirt I made for him too. I was about to iron on a design he made, but then his younger brother’s shirt came out of the dryer. (more…)

summer journal: summer’s end

It’s hard to let summer go, but it really is over now. School’s in full swing and the weatherman assures me the heat wave is over. I wanted to do one last summer journal entry, because there were so many little bits of our summer I missed sharing with you.

summer's end on elsie marley

We picked our fair share of berries (including this enormous blackberry from our backyard).

summer's end on elsie marley

We went to the farmer’s market almost every week.

summer's end on elsie marley

We built ferris wheels and rode on some too.

summer's end on elsie marley

We built forts…that were much, much harder than they looked.

summer's end on elsie marley

We did silly thing too like coloring our hair with chalk…

summer's end on elsie marley

…and making cakes out of watermelon.

summer's end on elsie marley

Mostly we played: inside and outside and wherever we could. How was your summer? Messy? Busy? Too hot? Too long? I want to hear about it!


summer journal: popcorn for breakfast

popcorn for breakfast


Pinterest made me do it. Seems popcorn cereal is an old timey, pioneer treat. It’s also a dead easy breakfast if you have some leftover popcorn from movie night. Sadly only one of my kids liked it, but he liked it so much he ate everyone else’s!

kcw summer 2013 [day 6]

freezer paper stencil for kcw

I don’t have any finished clothes to show you today, but I do have a bunch of stencils. I’m not a big fan of Things On Shirts, but my kids are. Freezer paper stencils to the rescue!! I’m worried the ice cream will look weird, but I’m excited for the beetle. Any freezer paper stencils in your plans?

kcw summer 2013 [day 4]

banyan tee and prefontain shorts

I think this outfit looks pretty fantastic, if I do say so myself. It’s far from perfect, but it’ll do just fine.

banyan tee and prefontaine shorts

striped banyan tee and yellow linen prefontaine shorts with beige bias trim.

striped banyan tee

The shirt was a breeze to sew. The pattern is Figgy’s Banyan tee and it is perfect for summer. I was quite pleased with how the collar came out. The hem on the other hand is on the wonky side. I’m still getting used to sewing with jersey. This striped jersey is from Joann’s and I actually like it a lot. It’s very thin, but the stripes are a bit textured and that gives the fabric some body (or structure or weight or something that makes me not curse when I sew with it). I used the blue colorway on a tee shirt I made for the handmade kids clothes swap.

prefontaine shorts by elsie marley

The shorts gave me a run for my money. I think I sewed every single seam wrong at the start. They are constructed in a different way then I’m used to. I like to sew each leg separate, then put one leg in the other, and sew the crotch seam (if you don’t sew, that was a very odd sentence). In this pattern, you sew the front together, then the back, then sew those two bits together, and then the crotch. I think.

prefontaine shorts by elsie marley

There weren’t enough pictures in the pattern for me and I got lost very quickly. But eventually it came together and they are cuuuute. I love the way the beige bias tape looks with the yellow linen. I just realized this is a whole Joann’s outfit. Sometimes, man, they get it right.

yellow linen shorts by elsiemarley


Have you seen the featured projects for kcw day four? They are good, check em out!