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kcwc is only a week away!

sorting patterns for kcwc

That right! The Kids Clothes Week Challenge is next week already: October 8-14. I like to have a weeks worth of guest posts before kcwc to get you extra excited and inspired. Last year, I had five talented bloggers sew their version of Rae’s Flashback Skinny Tee. I loved seeing one pattern done so many different ways (see them here: 1, 2, 3, 4, 5). One of those ladies, Heather from Well Crafted, went on to use the pattern for every. singleone. of her kcwc projects! This fall I thought I’d do the same thing with a different pattern. I have five new phenomenal bloggers who took Dana’s Kid Pants pattern and worked their magic on it. I can’t wait to show you!

But first, last year I asked you to get the word out about kcwc and wow! did you ever get the word out! We had almost 700 participants sewing along dutifully every night for one week! So I’m going to ask you again. There are 250 people signed up already, but I bet you guys can double that in no time.

  • If you are on facebook share the fall 2012 kcwc link:
  • If you are on twitter, slap a hashtag on it #kcwc.
  • If you are on instagram, take a picture of your beautiful piles of fabric. Then slap a hashtag on it #kcwc!
  • If you are on pinterest, pin patterns, fabric, tutorials. Then, say it with me now, slap a hashtag on it #kcwc!
  • If you are on flickr, join the elsiemarley group and get all your flickr friends on board!
  • If you have a blog, write up a list of all the things you plan to sew or what patterns you are excited to use.
  • Get your friends and your mom (and her friends) on board too!

Let’s make this kcwc super huge! The more people there are sewing next week, the more people there are motivating you, the more you’ll get done!



kcwc fall 2011: wrap up

kcwc collage wrap up

1. girlies in pjs  2. Hand dyed, wool jersey vest and leggings 3.  raincoat 4. fishsticks and fries austin lee romper 5. pocket shirt 6. Peasant top and repurposed skirt 7. pockets 8. crazy stripey crawler pants 9. pink sweater II 10. gypsy forest 11. elephant and elbow patches 12.  Abby jacket 13. strawberry skirt 14. raw edged raglan tee–bamboo knit 15. school days coat  16. 90 minute shirts

Another KCWC has come and gone and you have made it amazing! One little nudge and suddenly all these cute kids have  closets full of beautiful handmade clothes.  The momentum this kcwc was unreal. Usually there is about a 50/50 split between the fizzle outers and the get ‘r doners, but it seemed like everyone was getting stuff done this fall.  No reason to let that good sewing mojo go to waste. I know you have a life to get back to, but don’t forget that just a little bit early in the morning or after the kids go to bed a couple times a week adds up to a lot of finished projects!

oct kcwc sponsor collage

1. clever charlotte 2. too sweets 3. tea collection 4. charm stitch 5. crafty mamas 6. ida pearle 7. secret cake 8. sew many patterns 9. re+new by five green acres 10. vistaprint 11. little part 12. that’s me! want to be a sponsor?

I was very excited to see all the new faces this kcwc as well. You can find some great new (to you) blogs I’m sure either in the comments section of this post or from this flickr discussion.  We all need to support each other in our crafty endevors! You can continue to support your fellow sewist by subscribing to their blog (and mine right there in the sidebar)– it’s like a virtual pat on the back. A little encouragement can do a lot, just look at the kcwc flickr pool! And my amazing sponsors could use your support too. We are all in this together!