kcwc fall 2012: day one

October 8th, 2012

kcwc fall 2012 day one!

1. heart leggings  2. new shirt for D  3. Lala’s fall coat 4. corduroy music class skirt

I think it is only right to start with your creations, not mine. You are the ones sewing into the wee hours of the night or in the morning–all 535 of you!  Different time zones have given some of you a head start. Others (like me) started early for one reason or another. So don’t be discouraged by the finished garments in the flickr pool already. As kcwc begins, I do want to say one thing:

Have patience with yourself!

This challenge is about putting in a little time everyday doing what we love (but may have forgotten that we love it). If you sew two right legs together, or have to unpick a giant seam, or can’t understand the directions at all, don’t freak out and go for the ice cream. Put that project aside and pick up one you are more comfortable with or one you are super excited about. Then maybe revisit the other project the next day, or ask a question on flickr (the kcwc discussion is here). We are all here to help each other and motivate each other! Okay, let’s go!

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In the spring I filled out a simple form for each of my projects and it went so well I’m going to do it again. Feel free to do the same as it makes quick work of blogging–leaving more time for sewing!

apron top back

the pattern: The pattern is the apron top from Carefree Clothes for Girls. It is simple, but with many details that make it just right for my little bit sweet, little bit tough, (still) little girl. Looking back in the blog, I’ve sewn up many pattern from the book for her: a princess dress, a play dress, and a winter coat.

apron top from carefree clothes for girls

the fabric: The main fabric I used was drop cloth from the hardware store. The suggested fabric was sail cloth and I though drop cloth was a good stand in. The bird fabric on the pocket was leftover from another simple top I made.

apron top and sunki leggings

the sewing: The sewing was actually more involved than it might seem. The apron has so many bits to hem–not my favorite thing in the world–so that took forever, but there were other bits that were fun. The pattern called for rivets in the pocket corners and a little scrap of leather sewn onto the front. My fabric store had rather crummy looking rivets, so I used one half of a snap instead. While I was there I found some good looking jean buttons and I used one for the back closure. Have you ever used jean buttons before? They are hammered into the fabric–super cool.

sunki leggings in the woods

Oops, I almost forgot I made the leggings too! The pattern is the Sunki leggings by Figgy’s. The fabric was some orange interlock from my stash. And the sewing was so easy and fast that I may never buy leggings again!

40 Responses to kcwc fall 2012: day one

  1. Kelley says:

    love it. I am so excited to get started!

  2. lauren says:

    That is such a cool top! I don’t have kids – I want one for myself. I love the simplicity of it and the bird fabric is perfect!

  3. trula says:

    Love it. Every single detail of it.

  4. Marieke says:

    Those leggings are awesome, I love the colour and the riple at the legs, wow!

  5. Edje says:


    Can I still join KCWC? I know I’m terribly late…..

  6. sam lamb says:

    I’ve never seen Figgy’s patterns – thanks for the tip!

    Awesome apron top.

  7. kelly says:

    i love! such a cute style for girls (although i mut say i quite fancy an outfit like that myself!)
    great colours and pockets are always a winner…especially big ones. i am going to have a go at the melton hat from the book and have bookmarked the leggings now thanks to your kind link. excited to get going tonight. hoping elsa will go to sleep on time ;)

  8. Venus says:

    I am blown away by such amazing talented women. It definitely inspires and motivates me to keep sewing. The apron top is really cute! Clean, simple and fresh.

    Working in the wee hours of the night is how I roll… helloooooo coffee!

  9. anna says:

    oh gosh, the outfit is so adorable. I love those details, just perfect!

  10. Heather L says:

    Question…does sewing Halloween costumes count? I totally forgot I’d be in the thick of costumes when I signed up.

  11. unikuu says:

    today i have sew almost one autumn jacket to my girl. almost because its not completely ready.

  12. kathy says:

    i finished in 1h30 my first pair of leggings for my little girl. thanks for this kcwc.

  13. Gret says:

    Beautiful! I love the simplicity.

  14. Katie says:

    So fun! I’m loving the whole look.

  15. Dee D says:

    Pooh! I so wish that I had done ‘prep’ work this weekend. I did make 2 pj bottoms patterns (boys) and made up a nightgown pattern for my girl. That counts, right? Maybe I can get my fabrics cut out tonight (after the kids are in bed!)

    I love the outfit you made. Love Figgy’s too!

  16. Melissa Q. says:

    I love it! those details make it slightly punk rock in a subtle folk music kind of way. nice move.

  17. l'toile du nord says:

    what?!?! is there anything you can’t do???!!! you are truly amazing. glad you are my friend…. it is nice to surround one’s self with fabulousness.

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  19. Brienne says:

    This top is such a triumph. I love Carefree Clothes for Girls and think your interpretation of that apron top is just right. I have opened this page many times today for inspiration. Just the right shape, love the leather detail and the rivets complemented by the femininity of the birds on the pocket. Too cool and good for you!

  20. Melanie says:

    Despite good efforts, I simply shouldn’t get to the kids stuff today. After all, it’s a holiday, all the kids have off from school, hubby was home too, parents are staying with us – and the biggest reason of all – a dress for myself has been going horribly wrong for months, but I had to put it to bed because tomorrow is my last chance to get it photographed. Tomorrow, I promise I will somehow start in the kids stuff. Love what I see so far on Flickr!

  21. Jacinta says:

    Oh that is so cute, and great idea using the drop cloth! Might have to get a packet and dye it for something fun for summer.
    I’ve finished two skirts today …. thanks for the tip to be patient! I’m being patient AND keeping it simple because if I detour and try to add spur of the moment details then I won’t get anything else finished!

  22. suzy says:

    The dress and leggings you’ve made look gorgeous! I am really enjoying seeing all the finished things in the Flickr pool. I have to admit, I benefited from time-zone headstart (I’m in Sydney), but I’ll have to keep up the momentum for the rest of the week.

  23. sanae says:

    love love love! such a cute apron and I especially love the deep orange leggings – leggings are the best for kiddos!

  24. Katy says:

    I have bought the Sunki pattern and not sewn it yet. Yours look great and generous in the leg length which is what my daughter needs. Let me see if I can squeeze a pair in this week!