kids clothes week challenge: day 4

May 13th, 2010

I usually have a fine time while I am sewing, maybe there are a few mistakes here and there, but I fix them and continue on imagining how perfect the dress (or whatever) will be when it’s done and then I start working on the very last step–the waistband or the binding or the damn hem–and everything goes to shit.

It just destroys me every time. Why is it always the last step? Of course it means that in order to fix the screw up you have to undo most of what you just did and unpick a whole lot of seams to get there.  But to have made the dress in the first place I’ve had to put everything else I have to do on hold (as I sew I can feel the laundry pile getting bigger and bigger) and now I have to go do all that stuff in half the time because I just wasted two hours on sewing with nothing to show for it.

This dress wasn’t like that at all actually, but I have plenty of projects piling up on my ironing board that are and I’m feeling a leeetle frustrated about it. If this challenge weren’t happening I would just quit and be crabby, but I can’t now. Who came up with this stupid challenge anyway?

But the dress. The pattern is from Carefree Clothes for Girls and in the book it’s made out of woven cottons, but I made it with knits so I could be sure my daughter would wear it.  I omitted the button closure on the back and made the neckline a little deeper (I was going to say “I made the head hole bigger,” I think I need more coffee).  Because of that, it falls off her shoulder a little when she jumps around (i.e. all the time) which is too bad, but it’s big anyway and next year I think it will fit perfectly. The printed knit I got from Joann’s and the lining was an XL tshirt. I had barely enough of the shirt to make the ruffle, but there were no hems anywhere! so yay!

28 Responses to kids clothes week challenge: day 4

  1. Belly says:

    Where should I sign? That happenes to me all the time. It took me three days to make a pair of shorts because of their stupid waistband… sigh.
    The dress, on the other hand, is beautiful.

  2. Mitzi says:

    yeah, i can understand that. everyone around me thinks i’m this awesome crafty woman, but none of them realize the hours of mistakes i make. they just see the end results. that got me to thinking; do you suppose it’s like this with most people who sew and create? i’ll bet there are plenty of couturiers who’ve had designs completely fall apart in the last stages!

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