October 29th, 2014

falcon super hero costume // elsie marley

Halloween is not my jam. I think I’ve said this before . Somehow it’s made worse because I sew. I could just go to the thrift store and let them pick out whatever they want, but then a cloud of guilt follows me around until November. So I ask them what they want to be, and after all the “I want to be this! No I want to be that!” I put off the costume making. I know I am not alone on this.

falcon super hero costume // elsie marley

I have to admit though, I wanted to make this one (the pirate and Sensi Wu on the other hand, I am blowing off until Thursday night). If you don’t watch the Super Hero Squad–and you shouldn’t, it’s mostly booger jokes with some superhero stuff on the side–then you might not know that this is Falcon!

falcon super hero costume // elsie marley

That is pretty much all I know: his name is Falcon and I think he shoots things out of his wings. Obviously, I am not versed in superhero. But I can sew a superhero, especially a superhero with wings. I have wanted to make wings like this for a long time. My kids only rarely use the dress up box, so giant wings are not in high demand.

falcon super hero costume // elsie marley

Giant wings are so fun to sew! And so easy!  There is a tutorial on Llevo el Inveirno, but really you could just wing it (ha! thank you, I’ll be here all week).

falcon super hero costume // elsie marley

I had zero red fabric–weird I know, but I don’t care for the color (or as my kids would say, it’s my worst favorite color). Luckily, my friend hosted a clothes swap last week and I grabbed a red linen shirt and red polyester pants. They worked perfectly. And KCW was perfectly timed to get me to sit down in front of my sewing machine and sew.

I sewed the wings to some cuffs I cut from an old t-shirt and whipped up that mask in 5 minutes flat. There you have it, one happy 5 year old superhero!

falcon super hero costume // elsie marley


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5 Responses to falcon

  1. Nicole Karr says:

    Hey, I’m with you on this. The best thing about Halloween is the chocolate that I eat and the photos of the kiddos dressed up. Dislike all the candy wrappers I know will soon be on the floor and the fussing about who gets to eat how much of what kind of candy.

    Beautiful wings you made here!!! Reminds me a bit of the time my gals were cardinals and I made paper masks, red wings, etc.

  2. kristin says:

    see, dude, this is why i love halloween costume sewing. you can just see how his eyes are all lit up in this costume. he loves it. HE IS FALCON. and you are awesome for making him into falcon. *fist bump*

  3. Tara says:

    nailed it. And he loves it.

  4. erin says:

    best mom ever.

  5. It’s fantastic. I’ve been thinking about making those wings for ages now and I know my kids would love them.
    We only get a smallish period of time when we can get that kind of a happy response to our creations. I’d bask in it. Like get your shades on, lie down on a beach towel and absolutely bask in it. He’s delighted