kcw: halloween costumes

October 28th, 2013

I really thought I could pull off kcw outfit #3 for today, but I almost had  a nervous breakdown because of some welt pockets. I thought it best to step away from the machine.

perry the platypus on elsiemarley


So instead I have some semi-homemade Halloween costumes to show you. I’m not Halloween’s biggest fan. There’s the costume decision and then the costume decision flip-flopping. Then the staying up late on a school night and bingeing on barf inducing candy. Not to mention the sugar hangover the next day and the fights about said candy the weeks that follow.

perry the platypus on elsiemarley

Yeah, not my jam. But this year, my kids actually let me off easy: they nailed down their costume decisions early and there wasn’t an enormous amount bizarro sewing to be done. For each costume I had to sew a few little bits and we either had or bought the rest at the thrift store.

abe lincoln on elsiemarley

I might even say I had fun sewing Halloween costumes this year. I’ve become more finicky the more I sew. I used to be able to slap stuff together on a whim, but now I prefer to measure and pin and iron until everything is just right (well, pretty much right).  So going down in my studio and totally winging it was freeing.

abe lincoln on elsiemarley

In the space of about an hour (probably even less) I made Abe Lincoln’s beard and bow tie; Perry the Platypus’ feet, beak, and quilted tail; and a ninja balaclava that ties in the back.

kai from ninjago on elsie marley


We fashioned some cardboard into a top hat and a ninja thing. Really I’m not sure what those things are but they look cool and ninja-y, right?

kai from ninjago on elsie marley

We are all set to binge on barf inducing candy and go to school the next day with headaches! Happy Halloween!

9 Responses to kcw: halloween costumes

  1. Sarah M says:

    Love Perry! That’s actually a show I love to watch with my kids. So funny.
    Sarah M

  2. Tara says:

    halloween isn’t really my favorite either with all the gross candy that people keep wanting to give my kids. we’re taking the to a party at dogfish head alehouse instead of trick or treating. lol. I love the abe lincoln outfit. with an axe he could be abe the vampire hunter! haha

  3. anna says:

    ah! love the costumes. Perry! I always want to get into Halloween more, but usually a mix of storebought and handmade is my route! I can’t stand sewing with fiddly strange fabrics like lame (that shiny stretchy stuff), whew, but of course that’s what my kids like, that and glittery or sequin fabric.

  4. I love the cardboard pieces you added! The top hat and ninja straps. They give the costumes that awesome, kid-gineered edge.

  5. Shannon says:

    I totally feel you on halloween. I get so cranky about sewing costumes. This year was easier, part sewing part buying. Its a good balance. Yeah for sugar headaches! Your costumes look great.

  6. Jen M says:

    I love Halloween and I’m sad that my boys are getting older and don’t really need me to make costumes as much as they used to. I did make a lab coat for my Bill Nye the Science Guy and like you it was all about the details and since he wears a baby blue one I’ve been starching the heck out of my creation to give it that lab coat feel!!

  7. britt says:

    we got lucky this year…tricker treating got moved to saturday at the last minute because of the rain! no school night race to get things done before tricker treating, no super quick super bad supper, no moaning about actually walking to houses instead of riding in a vehicle (like most of the kids), no arguing over candy or trade offs, no late night home for showers, and no whining that they can’t get to sleep. well at least none of that for a few more days.

  8. jodi says:

    that platypus rocks !

  9. mrsrobinson says:

    Hmmm we haven’t yet caught the craziness of Halloween… a few decorations and all is well! Though my little one does like to dress up, so – shame – I have to sew! Was thinking this year he would have to revisit the wizard or Batcat from past years as no power for three days, but it came back on just in time for me to make a …. Batman t. And not even the t, just the logo! Oh well, I shall use the storm as my excuse…