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wood crates

wood crates from the trash

straight from the trash and super stylish. score!



I said I was going to get my sewing self organized and so I’ve made a list and I’m going to devote a week (of evenings) to each item. Maybe two, if I am actually finishing things.  But the point of this is to get some things done off my big list, make new things, and not hesitate so damn much. Basically, I need to focus.  And sinking into the couch watching whole seasons of The Wire is not helping me focus at all.

children’s clothes
clothes for me

the picture doesn’t have a thing to do with this post. I found it on the curb this morning and thought it was pretty fantastic. If you want to more fantastic trash, check out the trash pickins pool on flickr.


Trash picking is my hobby. Granted, it’s not a very glamorous one and not really all that interesting, but I love it.  And the trash gods (garbage men?) have been good to me lately.  This is the biggest and probably the best thing I’ve ever found on the curb.  It took much help from many friends to actually get it to my house, but I would have lugged it home on my back if that’s what it took.   It has three shelves, but only one at the moment because my kids think it’s their clubhouse.  The drawers actually work and there are two sets of hinges on each door so they can open all the way (270 degrees).  It’s on our porch now and I hope to fill it up with art supplies for rainy days.  But it will be perfect as an extra closet one day.

I know there are other out there like me who sift through trash when no one is looking. Who can blame you–people throw away good shit.  I started a flickr group: trash pickins.  Because you want to brag about what you found, but don’t want to get that look from people when you tell them where you got it.