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twentieth day of advent


Late again! But my christmas to do list has gotten refreshingly short today. yay! I will try to get these coloring pages up early in the morning for this last week, because with no school my kids need a project right away in the morning or the fighting and/or whining will start (and not stop). I wish you tiny to do list and big glasses of wine.

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damn. I missed two days. Oh well, my husband pointed out that I was starting to phone it in anyway. I was going a little crazy trying to find things to post about for 30 days straight. And then I was with my sister over Thanksgiving and there was some celebrating and recovering from celebrating. I’ll try to finish out the month, but damn.

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just a couple more plush fads, because really where the hell do these trends come from? And since I haven’t stopped eating or thinking about eating since thursday, I give you 12 stuffed mushrooms. Once I stop patting myself on the back for the christmas presents I have made, I’ll make some more and post them for all to see.