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damn. I missed two days. Oh well, my husband pointed out that I was starting to phone it in anyway. I was going a little crazy trying to find things to post about for 30 days straight. And then I was with my sister over Thanksgiving and there was some celebrating and recovering from celebrating. I’ll try to finish out the month, but damn.

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just a couple more plush fads, because really where the hell do these trends come from? And since I haven’t stopped eating or thinking about eating since thursday, I give you 12 stuffed mushrooms. Once I stop patting myself on the back for the christmas presents I have made, I’ll make some more and post them for all to see.

37 owls and a turkey

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We’re on Thanksgiving vacation in these parts, so I’m going to keep going with theme and post about some plush trends for the next couple of days. And there is no trend bigger than the stuffed owl. Why is everyone who tries their hand at toy making compelled to make an owl? Hell, I even made a couple myself. What is it about an owl that makes people want to immortalize it with fabric and polyfil? It’s cool looking, but so are plenty of other animals and it’s not particularly soft and cuddly unlike others. Why do we find ourselves cutting out big googly eyes and little top hats to go on this beautiful bird? Who knows, but somehow every owl ends up looking completely different from the rest. Abby Glassenberg has recently added to this enormous owl family. Her owl is majestic and beautiful, just like the real bird, and somehow different from every other stuffed owl that came before it.

Just onne more bird. Happy Thanksgiving!

gobble, gobble.

conjoined twins

such strange trends in the softie making world. please click on the picture to find out whose demented imaginations came up with all these wonderful dolls.


owls for luka, originally uploaded by elsiemarley.

If you have a blog that is even marginally related to crafts you must make a stuffed owl. This is the number one rule of craft blogs. You cannot break it. I tried. And here I am making frikken owls. And I’ve only had this blog for a week.These were made from Moonstitches tutorial, which I would link to if I knew how (here it is), and really they were a pleasure to make. They are for a new baby boy so I make them with rugged, little boy fabric: cordoroy, denim, wool, and canvas. It was a little bit of a pain when it came time to sew their beaks, as all the fabric was quite thick, but I like how they turned out (if I do say so myself). This was my first attempt at embroidery and it’s pretty wonky, but I had a damn good time doing it.