summer kcw 2014: striped tank and green shorts

July 25th, 2014

summer kcw: striped tank and green shorts

It wouldn’t be KCW if there wasn’t some sort of screw up. I really thought I would have a new outfit each day to post this week, but no. These shorts were supposed to be for my 7-year-old boy, but they were way too big. I had a black t-shirt I made for him too. I was about to iron on a design he made, but then his younger brother’s shirt came out of the dryer. All the parts around the design (that I hadn’t cut away) turned white and it looked kinda crappy.

summer kcw: striped tank and green shorts

I was falling in love with that Lesley Riley TAP paper. But she let me down. I think we might break up.

summer kcw: striped tank and green shorts

The shorts fit my daughter perfectly though, so all is not lost.  I used the Happy Homemade vol. 2 shorts pattern, but turned them into racer-style shorts. I love how the piping looks on the pocket! I was going to skip back pockets altogether, but then it looked empty and weird. I whipped up a pocket with a little piping. I think it still looks weird, but not empty at least.

summer kcw: striped tank and green shorts

The tank I started last summer (sheesh, I was a little overambitious last summer kcw). I remember getting frustrated and throwing the shirt aside because the neckline wasn’t right. I must have been feeling extra fussy, because the neckline seems perfectly fine to me now. I bound the armholes and hemmed it and voila! another tank for my girl.

It’s a sporty little outfit and I like it. Plus the shorts will get worn this summer and then handed down next summer. So four outfits made for KCW. Not bad, not bad at all. There are a good four or five garments in various stages of almost done in my studio. I’ll either finish them up this weekend or you’ll see them next summer KCW :)



4 Responses to summer kcw 2014: striped tank and green shorts

  1. JoDee says:

    Great shorts! The piping details make them pop! The tank is super cute too–and I definitely have OCD moments when sewing too. I often stress over imperfections that aren’t even there. ;) Too bad I don’t strive for the same quality in my housework, haha!

  2. Sarah Helene says:

    WOW! BRIGHT GREEN SHORTS WITH PIPING LOOK LIKE A DESIGNER BRAND! Perfect sewing! Topped with a black & white thin horizontal stripped tank top — a FAB summer outfit for your daughter. I LOVE THIS stylish LOOK! Looks like LOTS OF L-O-V-E sewn by MOM! Thanks for sharing! Sarah in Minneapolis

  3. Nice finish on the shorts. I would never have picked the pattern they look so different. Great kids outfit and glad all was not lost.

  4. Brienne says:

    Great outfit. I love that piping too. Have you ever done knit piping?
    I’m kind of sad about the Leslie Tap paper too. I made my husband make me all of these elaborate anatomical drawings last year to transfer and they looked great the first day and then faded terribly after the first washings. Boo.