summer journal: recycling

July 3rd, 2012

guy house: the jail, back door, and greenhouse

Raid the recycling! Slap it together with hot glue! Decorate with tape! and whatever else is lying around!

guy house: ladder to the pool

My kids call it the guy house, “because it’s for guys, Mom, not dolls.” Playmobile guys, lego guys, little people guys, calico critter guys, everybody can go swimming in the stripy pool!

guy house: hammock!

What I really wanted to do was spray paint the whole thing one color (safety orange!) but my kids were having such a blast decorating it that I couldn’t spoil the fun. Tape turned out to be the easiest way to make it awesome. Mostly we used duct tape and the washi like tape from target.  Bonus: the tape box made a sweet hammock.

guy house: front door

Go glue things together!


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7 Responses to summer journal: recycling

  1. Haley says:

    You’ve got some future architects on your hands. such wild creativity!

  2. christina says:

    “The guy house” Love it! :D

  3. usairdoll says:

    I love giving kids things like that and watch what they create. I think it’s important for their creativity and to also use their imagination. They did a super great job!

  4. Mom says:

    Tell the kids I love their house. Would they build one for me too? I’ll pay them in jam.

  5. Becky says:

    Recyling bin houses are always fairy houses here. Some days we don’t even need to take the recycling out because it’s all used up in her creations!

  6. molly says:

    yup. we fell fast and hard for that todd oldham tape, too. ten bucks! ten tapes! score x 10!!!

    btw, the grape sculptures are brilliant. all the fun of marshmallow sculptures, without the insanely sugared up children.

    happy summer, meg!

  7. Krista says:

    I adore this! My son and I love making things out of cardboard and recycled materials. Masking tape is one of his favorite art mediums.

    Your kids made a masterpiece here. Thanks for sharing!