polka dot fairy tale dress

April 30th, 2013

polka dot fairy tale dress

I totally left you hanging! Sorry! Well, the dress is done and it turned out even better than I had hoped.

polka dot fairy tale dress

I don’t think I could say any more about this dress–I mean I’ve written 6 posts about it already!

polka dot fairy tale dress

The seventh hour (in case you are wondering) was spend hand sewing the lining to the zipper and sewing a little hook and eye in the back. Oh and sewing a veil, which was very poofy and weird, but veils are poofy and weird by nature, so I think that means I got it right?

polka dot fairy tale dress


Her first communion went well. She didn’t slip and fall in her high heel (!) shoes. And multiple people said the dress fit her personality to a tee. A fantastic compliment if I ever heard one. And she loved the dress! She may not ever wear it again, but maybe her daughter will someday.


polka dot fairy tale dress

polka dot fairy tale dress

33 Responses to polka dot fairy tale dress

  1. gail says:

    that huge polka dot bow is killing me. what a fabulous dress, and i love how you shared the process. it really is perfect!

  2. Angela says:

    Really beautiful dress and congratulations to your daughter on making her First Communion. It’s wonderful how you detailed the process of making the dress. I am in the middle of making one for goddaughter/niece and it feels like a very special role to be involved in this way :-)

  3. Katie says:

    It turned out just beautiful!

  4. elana says:

    it is absolutely gorgeous! adore the last photo.

  5. Thea | mon ami says:

    Meg this is so beautiful. I must admit you did a great job of building suspense and I was SO curious how it would turn out! Coupled with your daughter’s adorable freckled nose this is a KCW legend.

  6. kristin says:

    Her cute little freckles (and the giant polka dot bow!) are killing me!!! How special and perfect. My little gal would totally wear this on a daily basis with sparkly shoes, hehe. Fantastic work, Meg!