ornament swap

December 7th, 2007

I had a thousand ideas for the holiday ornament swap–most were crap or required way too much work, some were pretty good but I never wrote them down, and the best ones I thought of were things I could of done if I had thought of them sooner. Ultimately, something had to be made and this is what did. Little stuffed christmas birds. They are two pieces sewn together, but the tail is sewn perpendicular to the other seam. Does that make sense? I wanted to make something stuffed, but didn’t want to sew up 10 stuffing holes (that is my least favorite part) so I left the tail open, stuffed the bird, and machine stitched the opening to look like tail feathers. Oh, this is not making sense, but whatever. Some look like christmas seals, some like christmas chickens, but at least one turned out the way I hoped. They just need their hangers (loops, string, you know) and an envelope and they can go in the very large pile that will hopefully get to the post office monday morning. If you are in group 44 (represent!) they will be on your tree soon.

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10 Responses to ornament swap

  1. greetingarts says:

    And what’s so wrong with a Christmas chicken? Absolutely nothing, I say. They look fabulous… group 44 should be very pleased.

  2. Ali says:

    Oh they’re gorgeous. Lucky group 44!

  3. Jodie says:

    Beautiful fabric you ave used for your birds- They look great!

  4. kristin says:

    they turned out beautifully!! great fabric choice i have to say.

  5. Nanette says:

    gorgeous! Love the tail innovation..

  6. Alix says:

    They’re great. like the fact each recipient can decide what it is, maybe they’re just big fabric smiles (really, they do look like birds). This swap is a wonderful idea. next year i want to join in.

  7. Monica says:

    oh how I wish I was in group 44. Or in any group for that matter. That swap just flew right below the radar… I missed it. Sigh.

  8. traci says:

    very sweet. i love this fabric to boot.

  9. cally says:

    great birds, great technique (it made sense to me, i do the same workarounds when i can), great fabric and great photo!

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