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A few weeks ago, with kid’s clothes week looming, I did not want to sew.  I really did not want to sew any clothes for my kids, though they did in fact need them (and still do!). Begrudingly I got out my sketchbook to figure out something to sew. The theme of KCW was storybook, so I got some of my favorites off the shelf.

dolls inspired by Ida Pearle // elsie marley

One of which is by a friend of ours, Ida Pearle. Her book, A Child’s Day (affiliate link) is full of gorgeous cut paper collages depicting children acting, dancing, hiding, jumping, and playing their way through every letter of the alphabet. The clothes Ida created for the children in the book are stunning. Both the styles and the prints translate easily into handmade clothes–and they have! Mary Frances from this is marzipan made many outfits for her boys all based on pages from this book. (more…)

bunny lovey

handmade bunny lovey // elsie marley

You know how yesterday I made a baby outfit inspired by this page from I Can Fly? Well, after staring at that page for so long, I had to make a bunny too! (more…)



Stylo is a new eMagazine that focuses on modern children’s sewing patterns and fashion. It’s produced by Celina of Petit a Petit and Family and Jess of the Sewing Rabbit–two women I’ve had the privilege to meet and work with many times. They are stylish in their own right, so it’s no surprise their magazine is super stylish too. And I had the good luck to be in their second issue! 

handmade digger on elsie marley

They gave 6 designers one fabric and gave us free rein to sew what we liked. This fabric stumped me. It’s very bold and graphic, mostly aqua with flashes of hot pink and coral. I almost went whole hog (more…)

bunny bowling

We had a lovely easter with lots and lots of food and only a few sugar related meltdowns. I finished the bunny bowling pins in time, but couldn’t get the ball to turn out round, so we just used a ball we already had. It turns out he idea of bunny bowling is much more exciting then the actual thing. I weighted down the bunnies a little too much and it takes quite a bit of force to knock the damn things down (you can see my son just gave up on the ball and used his little head). Oh well, my kids don’t really understand what bowling is anyway. And they make excellent whappers.

patchwork digger

I started this digger almost a year ago (it’s nice to have a record of the things you make, but it’s not so nice to see just how long you can procrastinate) and it should be in the shop later today.  It’s funny how my tastes have changed in a year. I wanted to rip up all the patchwork and start again, but then it would have sat around another year I’m sure.  A lot of the scraps came from my first big sewing project (and my first big post). I think it’s time I cleaned out my scrap box and made a quilt. Or an army of patchwork diggers.

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