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June 6th, 2012

It seems a little show off-y to have a tour of my own home, but really what are blogs for but to be show off-y? You’ve seen bits and pieces already: too many pictures of my kids’ room and my bathroom even! So why not show you the rest? I get a little annoyed when other sites have home tours and then all you get are photos of little vinettes. I tried to take pictures of the big picture, well really the small picture: our house is only about 900 square feet (85 sq meters). It will be changing in new and exciting ways soon, but for now it suits our little family of five quite well.

living room

If you came over to my house, this is where you would come in–just to the right of the mantel. My dog would probably try to eat your feet (she is old and weird).


If you’d been playing in the mud before you came over, you’d probably have to sit down and take off your shoes.


Oops I got a little vignettey. Well, that’s what mantels are for anyway.  On ours are some doily cover rocks, fake grass, beautiful candles I was given, a bit of art, and my straw garland.

living room

Hey, I am sitting on this couch right this very minute! Yes, we have two green couches in our living room. After the couch I bought in college hit the dust a few years back I went a little crazy on craigslist trying to find the perfect couch. Many months went by and finally I found that vinyl beauty (in the first picture of the post) for not too much. Two days later this lean, green mamajamma was listed for 50 bucks. I snatched it up. They not only delivered it, but threw in a matching chair (which is in the basement because seriously, we can’t have any more green furniture in here)!

dining room

Our living room opens up to the dining room slash library slash office slash play room.  No, actually every room is the playroom with three kids in a little house.

play space

Most of our toys are stored in the credenza in the living room, but I also carved out a little play area under the windows in the dining room. The photo of Maya’s play room inspired this space.  Remember the rolling toy boxes I made a while back? This is where they live.

dining room

The dining room is also our art gallery, which at the moment is overflowing with end of the year school work. It is a little more edited in this shot. We converted the linen closet into a tiny office that you can see in this post. And the other door leads to our bedroom…

…which is very green.


We updated our kitchen a little this year and hot damn! I love it now. It needs a coat of paint, but it is still pretty.

kitchen stove

That’s all! It’s not always so tidy, but we live in it for goodness sake! And we do live in every little bit of our house. And love it too. I hope you enjoyed the tour of our home!

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56 Responses to my home

  1. mandie says:

    Seriously? Darling. And yes, your little kitchen is so cute!!! Love these photos- thanks for sharing!

  2. April says:

    I love seeing the inside of peoples homes! so inspiring… and you have every right to be show-off-y.. I see a lot of love and attention in your home and it is beautiful!!

  3. Your pad looks so great. Beautiful, simple, efficient, and real.

  4. kristin says:

    i think this is one of my favorite house tours ever – it’s got a great thrifty-but-modern, comfortable, artistic look, with lots of handmades and tons of character. it’s fun trying to spot where you hold your blog photoshoots; i never would have guessed so many were in your dining room! oh and i love the dark countertops and subway tile with original cabinetry in your kitchen – that would be my ideal but we have a terrible ’90s remuddle instead!

    thanks for sharing, meg!

    • meg says:

      you got me. yup, I’d say 90% of the blog pictures are from the dining room. I get bored sometimes and try other places, but they are never as good.

  5. Kristin says:

    Thanks for opening your home to us! It is so artsy and has a calming feel. I love the green!!

  6. Jenni Bailey says:

    I love your home! Love how much you have done in just 900 square feet. That makes me feel very confident about decorating the house we are buying right now and (hopefully) moving to later this summer. Thanks for the inspiration! :)

  7. Bike says:

    You really have a lovely place!

  8. Cherie says:


  9. Laura says:

    I love house tours and your home is gorgeous. Those green sofas are amazing, so are the rugs. The overall vibe is very calming. Thanks for sharing.

  10. vicki says:

    thank you :)
    it’s simply lovely……
    …. and *real* ^__^

  11. Heather says:

    I love catching glimpses of people’s homes. I love yours and totally love that it is 900sqft of goodness.

  12. anna says:

    i love your house tour!!! so fun to see your space and all your cool goodies. :) better than me walking by at night while your lights are on and the curtains are all open! hahahah

  13. heidi says:

    Gorgeous rooms. I found your blog via pinterest because of the photo of your dog… my dog looks EXACTLY like yours and is named Marley… anyway, I’m an instant fan of your blog!

  14. I always love real house tours (and love to go for walks in winter darkness to see glimpses of warm interiors) . I’m glad that you had courage to share so much of your own home! It looks like a very fun and happy place, but of course I knew I would love it because I love the style and imagination in your blog.

    • meg says:

      there is that one perfect hour in the winter where no one has closed their curtains yet and yes, it is the perfect time for a walk!

  15. beth lehman says:

    i love the serenity in your home – i crave the space that you have made without clutter. lovely, lovely. and reminding me there is too much in my own home!

  16. Tammia says:

    Thanks for sharing. We, too, share a little house with 3 kids and I love seeing other peoples’ cozy spaces. I absolutely love your kitchen (I’m bummed someone “updated” ours and removed the old wooden cupboards). Great tour, thanks again!

  17. annette says:

    What a beautiful home! You make great use of your space and have excellent storage ideas. I especially love all the plant life you’ve brought into your home.

  18. Petra says:

    I love your home…it is so REAL. There are many beaoutiful homes on the internet, but they leave you in awe and feeling a bit depressed because your house will never look like that, and in most cases it is really just styling.
    Your home is the real thing and it is perfect!

  19. Lisa says:

    Thanks for the house tour – love your decorating style and the green oh the green – your bedroom is a fabulous colour!

  20. Wow. So well edited, but still warm and cozy. Thanks for being brave and sharing!

  21. Caroline says:

    Thanks for sharing! My family of four (and one on the way) share a llittle more than 800 sq ft. I am so thankful for how this small space has taught me to be minimalistic and un-hoardy. You live beautifully in your house!

  22. sophie says:

    Meg, I am so glad you shared this. I’m neck-deep in Craigslist searching and am green with envy (oh yes I am punning this) over those couches; my city’s CL is the. worst. It’s also incredibly inspiring and humbling to see that the five of you are living comfortably in a 900 sq foot house. I feel like I am always complaining we don’t have enough space when really, we have more than plenty. Thanks again for sharing…your taste and style are impeccable. (Also, please submit this to Design Sponge?)

    • meg says:

      what you’re not into overstuffed, ultra suede, reclining sectionals with cup holders? don’t worry, your sofa will come.
      Last time I summited something to design sponge there were so many comments on my chipped baseboards, I crawled away in shame. Still haven’t painted the damn things.

  23. Antoinette says:

    I’m loving that your home is a reflection of you in every way, and it bucks the trend of big houses in modern times. Our house is too big for 3 and it just gets junky. I bet it takes a lot of discipline to keep yours decluttered and tiny — bravo to your whole family for practicing that discipline!

  24. Holly u says:

    Lovely and lived in. Perfect combo! Our family if 3 will soon be downsizing to a 1350 sf house. That you can make a smaller space work well for 5 is amazing to me!

  25. cheryl says:

    We have almost the same scalloping above our kitchen sink! However, the rest of the kitchen isn’t quite as nice. Ha.