kcw summer 2013 [day 2]

July 16th, 2013


This picture pretty much sums up how my sewing went yesterday. So I’m making a simple tee out of a giant green jersey skirt I got for cheap at Target (ho, ho, ho greeeen jersey). I cut out the front and the back of the tee, using the machine hems that were on the skirt. I patted myself on the back for saving a step. When I went to attach the sleeves, I realized, silly me I should have cut those on the machine hem too. I grabbed the skirt, threw it on top of everything I was working on, found a bit of hem left, and cut one sleeve. Then I looked around for a bit more to use and found some–I couldn’t believe my luck! Cut out the other sleeve and as I made the last snip realized I was cutting the sleeve out of the front of my shirt! Aaarrrrggg!


Thankfully the skirt was very large and there was enough of it left to cut out another back & front. But seriously, not the best way to start off the week. I’m rallying though! That’s what KCW is all about right? Getting back on the horse. Like these amazing sewers.

10 Responses to kcw summer 2013 [day 2]

  1. ha! that’s about the kind of day i had yesterday…. ;)

  2. cindylou says:

    i got it. the green giant joke was not lost on me! sorry bout the sleeve, god, it seems like i do stuff like that all the time…. think i’m really jamming, saving steps, and behold! i will have sewed the leg hole shut! thanks for showing your fails. you hardly ever fail, so when you do it, i feel like their is hope for the rest of us!

  3. Danni Duncan says:

    I would just cut the wrecked piece straight across from side to side and piece in another jersey colour. it would look good and save the original piece!

  4. Abby S says:

    What a bummer! I tend to make more mistakes than progress when I’m sewing. Happy you shared–there’s comfort in numbers. I wish more bloggers wrote about their mistakes…. I’m convinced a blog dedicated solely to what DIDN’T go right would be a refreshing read.

  5. 3 is a party says:

    This sounds sooo familiar! I had some hicups today too while trying to do some simple sewing (those ‘this will be a fast one’often turn out to be my trickiest projects all toghether!), and put the whole project aside for some other time…….

    i am ofcourse now curious for the final result of all this sewing and cutting ;-)

  6. kristin says:

    *forehead smack!* ugh i’ve totally done stuff like this, or lost pieces altogether somewhere in my giant mess of a sewing room…glad you’re rallying!!

  7. Oh well done! Pinching hems has got to be one of the funnest parts of re-fashioning…

  8. shelly says:

    Thank you for the giggle!! :)

  9. Tara says:

    hahaha, omg this is like a move from my own playbook.

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