kcw spring 2014: outfit #2

April 9th, 2014

spring kcw: outfit #2 on elsie marley

I am particularly excited about this dress. Mostly because I drafted the whole thing myself (pretty much on the fly) and it turned out even better than I imagined. The satisfaction of dreaming something up, struggling with it, and then making it work is like no other. And it is why I love sewing.

triangle dress on elsie marley

The inspiration for my daughter’s Easter dress was this amazing Marimekko dress.  You know those pictures that you keep returning to again and again (on pinterest or in magazines or wherever it is you find your inspiration)? Where each time you see them you fall in love with them all over again. The picture of that dress was like that for me.

triangle dress on elsie marley
It’s simple, but quietly stunning; playful, but still super stylish; clever, but not show-offy. I wanted to make it in gray, but what little girl wants a gray Easter dress? That’s rather depressing. Then I thought I could use a narrow stripe–maybe have the stripe go one way on the bodice and another way on the triangle bit. I almost went with the stripe, but then I remembered Rashida’s fabric collection, Tsuru, and the gorgeous triangle print in it called Motif Madness.

triangle dress on elsie marley

I ordered 2 yards of it and thank goodness I did because I only had a handful of scraps when I was done. You should probably draft your pattern and then cut it out, instead of trying to do both simultaneously :) I also did a bit of fussy cutting (that triangle at the top of the pocket) which took up a bunch of fabric.  I was worried that the triangle pocket would get lost in all that print, so I added some orange trim. I wanted to use piping, but I couldn’t get the piping to be pointy at the top. So I bound it like a quilt! A little odd, but it worked.

triangle dress on elsie marley

For the back I used an invisible zipper and a hook & eye closure. It might have even looked professional, had I matched the print. Whatever, the zipper works and doesn’t look like hell. I’ll take it. The whole dress is even lined! The fabric was pretty thin and see-through, so a lining was necessary.

triangle dress on elsie marley

I couldn’t be happier with this dress. And as an added bonus, she loves it too!

39 Responses to kcw spring 2014: outfit #2

  1. this is just so many levels of great!! love love love :)

  2. Teresa says:

    This dress is AWESOME! I love it!!!

    • meg says:

      Thank, Teresa! I’ve been thinking about your beautiful green jacket a bunch too–I’ve even got some army green canvas!

  3. Marlena says:

    Holy smokes! That’s amazing! I’d wear that in a heartbeat!

  4. Sarah m says:

    That is quite possibly the best little girl’s dress I have EVER seen. I love the fabric choice, and it matches so well with the triangle pockets. I don’t think you even needed to match the pattern because it’s such a wild pattern anyway. Looks awesome! I agree, I’d wear it, too!
    Sarah M

  5. Trine says:

    Meg, this is AMAZING!!!! I love the pocket. You are a genius!

  6. erin says:

    this is why you make your kids’ clothes. amazing!

  7. Steph says:

    this is what I love about you —-> “It might have even looked professional, had I matched the print. Whatever, the zipper works and doesn’t look like hell. I’ll take it.”

    awesome sewing, meg!

  8. Oh my gosh – I had no idea that was a triangle POCKET! Wowee – so awesome.

  9. Alisa says:

    It looks great!!

  10. mae says:

    lovely dress! It works so well with the origami feel of the pocket & the geometric print. I will have to check out that fabric – it’s so fun!

  11. Brooke says:

    I love love love this dress! Can I get one in my size please? :) I think that fabric choice is what really makes it one of a kind.

  12. kristin says:

    i love it meg!! such a cool design and i always love that fabric too. i wanna make one!

  13. carolina says:

    So pretty!

  14. Annelies says:

    Love how you played with that fabric. I was thinking about how to incorporate the theme mini-me and how I want kids to be kids. How I don’t want them as mini- grown-ups but as children, wearing clothing that they can wear, with all those colors and playful patterns in the fabric.

    And you did. Love it!

  15. Sarah Helene says:

    CONGRATS on a SUPER pattern for a young girl’s dress. LOVE the print fabric with geometric shapes in bright colors. LOVE the UNIQUE front large triangular pocket accessible on both sides, too. I agree with many comments: AMAZING, pretty, cool design stated by others. THANKS for sharing. Sarah in Minneapolis

  16. marisa says:

    wow this is AMAZING! great choice of fabric, too. Love it with the boots!

  17. Olu says:

    Wow! What a gorgeous dress. Love the pockets. Amazing!

  18. Katie says:

    Your fabric is soooo much snazzier than the gray!

  19. Mom says:

    She’s a mini even if the dresses don’t match. Amazing!

  20. Suz says:

    It’s really cool!!

  21. Wow. This is amazing. I love when off the cuff projects turn out this good. I mean, I’m guessing I will love it when it happens to me! She looks so happy, always a good sign!!

  22. jenya says:

    Love the dancing pic! Such a gorgeous dress! Love the colours.

  23. ornella says:

    Very cute dress and also the fabric is perfect! good work!!!!

  24. Annika says:

    Super cool! I just finished a Louisa dress by Compagnie M. and am now thinking about changing the shape of the pocket…

    • meg says:

      After I sewed it up I thought it resembled the Louisa dress and kind of the Sunki dress by Figgy’s too.