March 29th, 2011

There is no after photo. Yet. So we’ll start with the before.

We are in the midst of remaking our kids’ room. This little 10 by 10 room has worked hard for us; first holding one little baby, then two, and soon the littlest baby (who’s not so little any more) will move in there too. Seeing as we have three kids, the whole redoing of the room is taking time–time being in short supply.

I’m lucky to have a carpenter in the family and not just a carpenter, but one that will drive down and build a bed just because I asked nicely (thanks brother!). So there is a new bunk bed and it’s pretty fantastic –I can’t wait to show you. And I’ve slapped some primer up on the wall, because the blue’s got to go, but I don’t have a particularly grand vision for how the whole room will come together.  There are still many bits that need figuring out before the big revel can happen, not to mention getting the bits done.

I was thinking I’d ask you guys for some help along the way. Maybe do some during posts instead of one big Here’s the crummy before picture, and holy crap check out the AFTER! post. I think I’m going to paint the room white, because the room is so damn small, but a good white, a warm white. Got any suggestions.  I think I might paint the dresser gray, maybe change the handles? Are you up for playing along (while I do the work, ha!)?

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  1. MelanieO says:

    We have 3 to a room, too, but 3 girls. I’m interested to see what you do as our girls’ room is ready for a redo, too. We currently have a bed w/ a trundle under & a bed on the floor (no frame yet). Can’t decide if we want to go to bunks, a loft bed, a bunk bed with trundle… decisions, decisions….

  2. One of my regrets is not marrying a carpenter. Sure, my husband is a nice enough bloke and is useful for reaching things on high shelves, but the idea of being able to have custom built furniture… oh well…

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  4. Mary says:

    how about bunk beds that each have a fun print curtain around them, so that each kid can feel like they have a private space in a shared room. (if you got carpenter bro to build bunks with a small lip in between the top and bottom, that would be perfect for a tension rod for the lower and the upper could hang from the ceiling. You could hang a shelf in each bunk nook too so that they could each have a place for special treasures. I’ve also seen window boxes repurposed as book holders. You could attach one to each level of the bunk bed for each kid’s selections and also hang a few along a wall for the rest of the collection. Each bunk definitely needs a reading lamp and a couple large pillows for cozy quiet time. Then I’d put in a short table for multipurpose playing with floor pillows for seating. (cut down legs on a exiting table for cheap solution) I’d also have LOTS of shelves, all the way around the play table for open toy storage. I also like the idea of a folding out changing table, though I’ve actually never used a changing table and just make use of the bed. Depends on the set up, I guess. You could have a toddler bed with a changing platform built in at one end and storage shelves below for the necessities.
    have fun with it.

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