April 25th, 2011

I need a little help picking out material for curtains. Sadly this is the story of my life, which is why all the curtains in my house are white. I can not commit to a fabric. Ridiculous. The kids’ room is too white for white curtains. And they go to bed before it’s dark out these days, so they need a little light blockage action if they are ever going to get to sleep. Here are the windows (sorry one is a before picture, the other is a during): window one, window two. The fabrics I’m thinking about are pictured above, they are:

  1. nani iro painting muji canvas
  2. joel dewberry herringbone
  3. nani iro saaaa saaa (it looks like I randomly typed some letters, but that’s really what it’s called)
  4. alexander henry pirate grid

I want something dark blue and something hand drawn-ish.  So vote away! Tell me what to do. My kids will never sleep if you don’t tell me which to get. Really. And if you have any other suggestions, I love to hear them.

This is all a part of me redoing my kids room and you helping. The posts about the process so far are Before and During.

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55 Responses to curtains

  1. tessa says:

    I think the herringbone would make good curtains though I love Nani Iro fabrics and have some in my apartment that really shouldn’t work at all but somehow are so great that they reorganize all the other colors in the room and end up being perfect so I think either Nani Iro fabric would be a safe bet, too.

  2. Chelsea says:

    You know, I think you might have just helped me find the curtain fabric for MY windows… I love that nani iro canvas…. +Chelsea