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So we went to Morocco. It was our honeymoon–five years late, but our honeymoon nonetheless and now that we have two little kids I think the time to ourselves was much more appreciated. And thanks to my wonderful in-laws we were able to get away for a whole week.  We spent a few days in Marrakesh in a very simple riad, which was nice because Marrakesh is a crazy, frantic place.

We were dodging mopeds and surviving the hard sell, but also eating some damn fine food and drinking mint tea all over the place.

We took a bus to the coast to a town called Essaouria, where we had the best meal of all. Right on the ocean in a little shack, we pointed to fish we wanted and they slapped it on the grill.  I really have no business eating seafood in a land locked state, I now realize. I ate piles of shrimp and sardines and washed them all down with a fanta (why can’t I get an orange fanta in the US? what the hell? and why is it so good?).

We had an amazing time and there is too much to show here (but there are a few more pictures on flickr).  It made me realize I need a lot more color in my life and I need to get to the ocean more often.

One more picture, because who else is going to get excited about huge piles of yarn straight out of the dye vat?