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crochet potholder

Since I crocheted over a stone a while back I’ve been working on little crochet projects here and there.  It’s nice to have a little project to work on for no other reason than it’s enjoyable to do. Crochet can be so odd and sculptural, like this potholder: it looked like some leggy sea creature when I was working on it and then with the last row it suddenly came together and became a beautiful flower with folded petals.  (Here is the ravelry link if your interested in the specs)

I’m not sure if these projects will be gifts or not, but the baby seems to think we’re keeping this one. Crochet can get very crazy, very quickly and this very apparent with potholders for some reason, but these bears are restrained enough to be just the right amount of cute.

Though I failed horriblly at facebook, I’m kind of enjoying twitter. If you would like to listen to me blather on about nothing at all there, I am elsiemarleyblog. Hey, have a good weekend!

thirteenth day of advent


Happy Saint Lucia day! There is some sweet bread rising in the kitchen and we might make some crowns later today, then a little parade will probably be in order because I have a girl very proud to be the oldest. There are directions for making a lovely Santa Lucia crown here and there are star hats for the boys there as well! Hey, you could even print out mr. smiley star up there and paste him all over the little boy’s  hat.

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