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summer journal: finish the picture

Super simple and super fun project. Cut out a square of a picture from a magazine or newspaper. Next, glue it to a piece of paper. Then finish the drawing. See what strange and hilarious things come out of it! Title of my children’s works appear below the pictures. (please excuse the crummy phone photos.)

finish the picture project

Alligator Loves His New Pants

finish the picture project

Two people sitting on a couch with their heads on fire and Monster 

finish the picture project

Pretty Darn Cute Cat

finish the picture project

Two Donuts

Have you done any good projects lately?


country living

We are back from a very long and lovely vacation. My days were filled, but nothing really got done, which is just how it should be.  Swim, eat, nap, swim, and watch cable.  Perfect. There are so many beautiful parts of this huge country that I haven’t seen yet.  The midwest is sorely underrated.  Seriously, stop flying over us and come visit for once. I think it’ll be another week before I’m back up to speed. Do you always want to move where you vacation? No matter where it is you go? oh well.  Home is isn’t too bad either.

And why is there a picture of Country Living magazine up there? Because holy crap I’m in it, that’s why. It’s a little sewing tip* passed down to me from a wonderfully crafty lady.  The blurb is pretty small, so I forgive you if you can’t find it (unless you are related to me, then you have to go out and buy it and read the whole thing and tell all your friends too).

have a good week!

*edited to add the tip:

If a pin is a little dull, run it (carefully) through your hair. The tiny bit of oil it picks up will help it glide through your fabric with ease.