summer journal: chores

July 24th, 2012

I looked around for a pretty system to use for chores this summer (something like this, or this, or this) but in the end everyone got a list on a sticky note. Sometimes easy is better than pretty. They get a new list everyday, except Sunday, with two or three things on it depending on our schedule. Picking up toys, brushing teeth, getting dressed, etc. are not chores, just things they are responsible for everyday. Our chores are more like this:

summer chores

for the 6 1/2 year old:

  • cleaning the bathroom (with a squirt bottle filled with vinegar and water)
  • sweeping
  • washing the floors
  • doing dishes
  • folding towels and sheets and putting them away
  • weeding
  • + any thing else the younger set can do

summer chores

for the 5 year old:

  • vacuuming (his favorite)
  • taking out the garbage
  • wiping down the refrigerator, stove, dishwasher
  • emptying the dishwasher
  • folding clothes and putting them away
  • + anything his younger brother can do

summer chores

for the almost 3 year old:

  • crushing cans (I was surprised he could even do this!)
  • wiping off the table
  • folding napkins and rags
  • bringing in the groceries
  • feeding the dog
  • watering the plants

Honestly, I had been doing most (umm, all) of the chores because I thought it was easier and faster to do it myself. Well that was stupid. My kids do whatever is on their list and almost never complain that their chores are too hard. Complaining happens for other reason, for sure, but not because the work is difficult. As long as I mix it up enough they are happy to do their jobs. Do you have any good ideas for chores little kids can do?

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39 Responses to summer journal: chores

  1. Jane says:

    Excellent. I’ll be making a list for my daughter today!

  2. Cate says:

    Getting lots of good inspiration from this post and the comments. My son (three next month) loves helping put the groceries away. He’s also really helpful with weeding in the garden and picking up sticks in the yard, watering the shrubs (with some assistance!), refilling and stacking diapers for the baby’s changing table, and we tag-team sweeping around the house — I sweep into piles and he brushes it into the dustpan and dumps (his favorite part) it into the garbage.

  3. Tanja says:

    Can’t tell you how helpful this is! Thanks!

  4. Leia says:

    For this summer I have the kids doing all the sweeping, vacuuming, unloading the dishwasher, folding their clothes (this is a year round chore), cleaning bathrooms (another year round chore), and doing the laundry with my help. And every summer we do home-school and for this year we have math, reading, boardgames, learning computer games, and library. In the past we have had movie day, art, writing, and electronics. Things I want to do in the future for chores are cooking dinner, weeding once we have a garden, mowing the grass, and dusting out computers.

  5. Caila says:

    Ok, WOW, why am I doing all the chores??!! Haha, but no, really. Today my son (5yo) and I cleaned the kitchen together and he did a really great job. He WANTED to do it. I don’t know why I haven’t been making this a regular thing. Thanks for a little nudge in the right direction…

  6. Kathy says:

    Add baseboards to that. My six year old also loves to sweep.

  7. Tiphaine says:

    Love it !!! The 3 boys have also chores even our nearly 2 years old : picking up toys, putting his dirty clothes in the basket and his nappy in the bin…..
    It’s about being part of a family, everybody helps everybody….