stripey shirts and pants

March 18th, 2010

This year I am determined to cut into the ridiculous amount of fabric I have amassed in my basement. It’s not there just to look at, right? It’s there so I can make the clothes and quilts and toys that my family needs instead of buying all that crap. So this is probably going to be the first of many matching family ensembles.


I don’t know how all those bloggers out there take beautiful pictures of their kids while showing off the beautiful clothes they have on at the same time. This is the best photo I got and it was the last of about a hundred, and really it’s not that great. But you get the drift: one long sleeve shirt, one short sleeve, and one pair of leggings.


all made out of this geek chic fabric I found at the thrift store a loooong while back. It is so perfectly seventies: the stripes are brown and this sort of rainbow confetti, meshy stuff (my daughter calls them her sprinkles pants). It’s a knit that has sat on the shelves waiting for me to learn how to use my serger. And guess what? I learned how to use my serger! A gracious friend taught me how while we made the 90 minute shirt together.


She made the long sleeve version and I made the short sleeve, but hers was so cute I ran home and made the long sleeve one. Of course I didn’t read the directions, screwed it up and the sleeves are too long, but that drooly baby really couldn’t care less.


Now my daughter wants to know where daddy and mama’s matching shirts are. Sound of music here we come!

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31 Responses to stripey shirts and pants

  1. Rach says:

    Love them! I have gone a little crazy here with stretch fabric getting ready for our new baby – I wish I could really use my serger though as I don’t think I am getting it quite right…

  2. Ann says:

    wow. Meg, what an awesome shot of your kids!! so very beautiful.

  3. Imene says:

    I love the tees and leggings. I wish I could find the courage to sew but that’s one thing more I can’t do right now ;o)

  4. Dacia says:

    oh no it’s too too cute!! ack!

  5. samlamb says:

    okay, now i am totally addicted to making envelope shirts and onesies. thank you for the inspiration and the link.

    such a clever design, and oh-so-fun to make (not to mention getting to avoid store-bought boys clothes with all that “stuff” on them.)