still here (still during)

July 12th, 2011

overhead projector

I’m here. I haven’t fallen off the earth, I’ve just been sucked into summer with three little kids and all it’s sweaty, whiny, wet and happy craziness. I keep waiting for things to slow down a little so I can get some projects crossed off the list, but then yesterday I realized the crazy is not going to let up until summer’s done.

So I’m going to try to take that minute here and there my kids give me and to get something accomplished. Like their room. It’s still far from done and it’s starting to wear on me.  The overhead projector came out yesterday and I started to draw a map of our neighborhood on the big board.  Nothing like a big junior high flash back in the middle of the day.  If you are too young to remember the drone of the fan and the slightly burny smell of the overhead projector well then you are just too young aren’t you.

bunting bumper

If you’ve got a keen eye then you spotted the bumper I made in the first picture. And here is the bunting bumper (rubber baby bunting bumpers!) in all it’s glory. Take a long look, because I will never be making one of these suckers again. You know when you are dreading doing a project and then you start and think, hey, this isn’t so bad, kind of fun even? Well this wasn’t like that at all–it sucked the whole way through.  But thankfully done and off the list.

Painting the dresser is next. Any thoughts?


Here are the first few posts about the room if you need a refresher:


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  1. jess says:

    I felt the same way about making the bumper for my daughter’s crib.
    I used stripey fabric, which everyone said would be easier as I could just follow the lines, but then I got really nervous about keeping my cutting lines and my seams totally straight and it ended up as a completely un-fun project.
    The crib did look cute at the end, but I don’t know if that’s enough consolation for the irritation that led up to that point ;)
    Also, where did you find an overhead projector? I can still smell that burning smell.
    We did this awesome experiment when we were studying Plato’s The Cave where one person placed an item on the overhead projector and the rest of the class (it was philosophy) tried to guess the object from the shadow it made. It was harder than it looked. I should pray to the thrifting gods to place one of those in my path and play that with my kids.
    Sorry for the longest comment ever.

    • meg says:

      jess, you are awesome. the overhead projector came from a friend who had it stashed in her barn. I have no idea where she got it. School auction? I was a philosophy major in college and I can’t believe we never broke out a projector! Maybe we’ll make shadow puppets today–my kids are a little young for plato yet.

  2. kristin says:

    ha! great post, meg, and hear hear on the “if you’re too young to remember overhead projectors you’re just too young” comment! :) i know what you mean about the never-will-sew-again projects, too. felt that way about my son’s carseat cover. i hated sewing it the whole time during, but am happy with the result. can’t wait to see your finished room!

  3. Carla says:

    The bumper is so cute, it was totally worth the effort! As for the dresser … I vote more gray, less blue. Or maybe get wild and go with chalkboard?

    • meg says:

      thanks! I thought about chalkboard paint, but then my ass would be covered in chalk dust all the time :)

  4. Lucy Richards says:

    love the colours, my tip is glossy paint… easier to wash down…. ;o)
    perhaps a paler colour? for the sake of it being a small space and saving it from being too dark…? will you paint the crib the same colour?

    • meg says:

      no, I’m not going to paint the crib–I’m too freakin lazy)– but oh wouldn’t it be awesome!

      • Lucy says:

        I hear you…. and i admire that you maintain a blog and have the energy to paint furniture too
        i have the energy to look at your blog right now while i should be cleaning the bathroom ;o)

  5. Jacqui says:

    Wow, an OHP! I actually even used them when I first tutored at Uni. I also remember the whirr of the slide projector and the clunk clunk of the slides changing. And the flicker of the reel-to-reel film projector as we watched educational movies about the atom or puberty. There were a lot of good classroom sounds back then, you can’t hear things work these days…

  6. You people are all so hilarious, thank you for the great comments! This totally made my day.
    1) Meg, your bumper rocks my world. It is so stylish and aesthetically pleasing! Worth all the bummer-ness of making it.
    2) On my monitor, the blue-green-grey colour at the very top of the four-colour card on bottom right (you know— that one?!) grabs my eye!

  7. your comment about the overhead projector was hilarious, we rocked those out in highschool (i guess i’m old too)! and i have been thinking about making a bumper for my almost 1 year old’s crib…..but now i’m reconsidering since i’ve already waited this long and you say that it was torture. maybe i should spend my energy on something else!

  8. Katie says:

    Love the bumper!! We’ve missed you lately. For the dresser, how about painting the dresser one color and the drawers another?

  9. We have an overhead projector that we havent used yet!
    Shame on us! i want to play that shadow guessing game.
    I adore the top, second from the left, or the top right hand corner. I hope that second one doesnt look too blue once finished though. I painted a small piece once in the darkest greyest blue I could find and it still looks pastel to this day. Maybe its that third coat thing that is needed to get it just the right shade.
    Have fun painting

  10. ella says:

    good on you for getting it done though. it looks awesome.i tried to make myself a nursing pillow filled with bamboo – it was a disaster! i totally gave up. now i have all this bamboo and i much prefer to use wool for stuffing.

  11. sam lamb says:

    is the second chip over, bottom left, top colour called sparrow? if so, i love it even more.

    awesome bumper! (and thanks for the challenge – one wrap skirt tutorial coming up soon!)

    • meg says:

      seriously! yay! Maybe then I’ll get one (of the many) skirts I had planned for the summer made.

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