creative assignment due: within arm’s reach

November 26th, 2014


The creative assignment: within arm’s reach is due today. Most people–including me!–completely forgot, because Thanksgiving. But I do better with time constraints, so having absolutely no time left to dream about “maybe I’ll do this, or maybe I’ll do that,” I whipped up this little pattern. 

I am actually quite pleased with it. I sat down last week and made a list of things that were in arm’s reach. Ear buds were on that list and I thought they would make a good pattern, but I settled on radiators, because I don’t know, why not? I futzed around with the colors a lot, but in the end just did 2 (three if you count black). I also spent too much time trying, and failing, to draw a cat lounging on one of the radiators. Simple is best, right?


creative assignment on elsie marley


1. damsel_fly 2. citrariza 3. creativewarmth 4. dilettantsarah

There were some fantastic patterns submitted for the challenge. I love how the ones above are all made with different techniques: hand drawn and colored, collaged, photo effects, and vector graphics. I think too often we shut ourselves off from new techniques because we’re not very good at them. Which is just silly, don’t you think?



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5 Responses to creative assignment due: within arm’s reach

  1. Dewi Citra says:

    Hi Meg,
    Thanks for featuring my messy pen pattern!
    Being spontaneous and not thinking too much quite always help me to go forward and make things (not perfect things, but at least I’ve done something :-D )

  2. Dewi Citra says:

    Oh, I forgot to say that I love your radiators pattern. It made me stopped, looked at it and observed it for 30 seconds.

  3. Sara says:

    Fun to see what everyone came up with! I love the radiators. It’s a really nice graphic pattern and very unique.

  4. Dam says:

    Just can’t wait to get the next season of creative assignment started in 2015!

    After seeing all your pinterest-pins popping up every day – why not doing a puppet related creative assignment?

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