kcwc fall 2012: day four

October 11th, 2012

kids clothes week challenge day 4

1. cardi 2. kcwc pants 3. wings for my little girl 4. glitter dot dress

I know I express my sheer amazement at your sewing ability every year, but seriously! do you see those clothes up there? It’s like art. You guys are amazing! Amazing!

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a cashmere sweater and purple pants

I am not so amazing today, as my youngest–mr. big belly pictured here–woke up at 2am throwing up. Why do children only get sick in the middle of the night? Argh. Blerg. I am mostly incomprehensible because of it, so we’ll keep this short and sweet.

upcycled cashmere sweater

the sweater

the pattern: Rae’s Flashback Skinny Tee! I made it a little wider in the body (i.e. not so skinny) because the fabric didn’t have a ton of stretch.

the fabric: a shrunken cashmere sweater that was once my Nana’s.

the sewing: There is nothing easier than sewing with felted sweaters. I was going to add a blue pocket and maybe blue cuffs, but it was looking too trendy and really there’s nothing wrong with a basic cashmere sweater. I wish I had one.

purple pants pockets

the pattern: the pattern I always use from Happy Homemade Vol. 2 and to be honest, I think getting a little sick of it. I did change it up a bit this time with a long pintuck down the front of each leg–you can see it in the first picture. It makes for nice “little man” pants.

the fabric: I think it’s called no-wale corduroy–the weight of corduroy without the bumps. Purple, obviously.

the sewing: Easy peasy, except the back pockets are totally uneven. Little boys move so fast, that no one will notice, I’m sure (I hope).

fall and cashmere days


25 Responses to kcwc fall 2012: day four

  1. Jennifer says:

    Awesome! How did you sew the sweater? Serger? Regular seeing? Tips for someone who would love to try it? Thanks! :)

  2. Sarah Ross says:

    Looks so cozy and perfectly fall-ish. I love the pants and the interest the front pintuck adds. I kind of want a pair like that for myself now. The purple is so great. And I hadn’t heard of no-wale corduroy, but I am totally intrigued. Must investigate.

  3. Heather L says:

    Totally adorable! Love the simplicity of the sweater and the pin tuck on the pants is a perfect little detail! I’m slow on my sewing this week…busy with a sudden potential new job…have spent an hour this morning on a fleece pony costume…definitely feels great to sew and chug along. Seeing everyone’s sewing has been soo inspiring…thanks for this week!

  4. KC says:

    I am so glad I stumbled upon this week via Gypsy Forest because I am in awe of all these amazing garments being made. I’ve been pinning like mad. Putting just an hour aside at night to sew has really opened up my crafting abilities. I’m only doing an hour no more even if I’m not done and it’s been so great. I got 3 garments made this week which I posted to the flickr group of course. I’m hoping to get three more made too!

  5. Heather says:

    Nice. My favorite is the tuck down the front of the pants. Those little details add good interest to the basics, don’t they? Hope your boy feels better soon!

  6. Laura D says:

    Am I weird that while I’ve been completing the challenge of sewing an hour plus a day, I’ve only been concentrating on one project? Every year, it’s traditional for me to make my nieces fancy Christmas dresses for pictures. Last year, it kicked my butt, and I never finished. this year, I finished the base dresses last night thanks to the KCWC, and I’m starting the pinafores today. If I can finish those today, I have to do the crinolines after that. I call ’em my “Psycho Billy Cadillac Christmas dresses” because they’re a total frankenpattern. Between all the patterns, the technique for the fancy collar and cuff treatment and the crinolines, they’re a victorian-30s-40s-50s-60s-modern combo! (Eight patterns for two dresses–ack!)

    • Laura D says:

      Oh, I should’ve included pics. I’m waiting until I finish the pinafores before I put them on the flickr group. Here is the size 1/2 version, and here is the size 4 version.

  7. trula says:

    I have no idea how they do it, but they do pick their moments, don’t they? My little one started throwing up right in the middle of a busy second hand market on Saturday. Maybe a cross-atlantic bug going round? Love the sweater. Not too simple at all. And I am not tired of the pants yet :) but I understand what you mean.

  8. kristin says:

    ugh, sorry about the sickie. :(

    this whole outfit is awesome. i love that you just showed me how fantastic purple pants can be on a little guy, especially when rocked with yellow shoes and a cozy sweater! he is so ready for fall.

  9. Cherie says:

    Sorry about your kiddo! Hope he’s better soon. I love this sweater and the purple cords. Nice touch with the pintuck down the front. And those features from the flickr pool!?? Ah-maaa-zing!!

  10. Anja says:

    So sorry about midnight drama.
    Great sweater and pants.
    PS: Oh my, thanks for the mention with my girl’s wings. Made my night! :) Totally! I think I have butterflies in my belly… :o)

  11. Heidi Jo says:

    So cute! I hope your little is well soon and that you get some rest! We’ve been battling illness over here too. Sewing for KCWC plus lack of sleep from sleepless littles equals a discumbobulated mama.

  12. Brooke says:

    Love the sweater and the pants! Great idea on the pin tuck- ill have to keep that in mind for my little man’s pants!

  13. Who doesn’t want a classic cashmere sweater? So great! Any special finishing around the edges to make sure it doesn’t fray? Or no since its felted?

  14. […] costumes are high on my things-I-want-to-accomplish-during-kcwc list and I’m proud to say “one down”! he wants to be a dragon, which makes me so […]

  15. Erin says:

    I love the pintucks on the front of the pants! I’ve never thought of that and will certainly be trying it! :)

  16. Melissa Q. says:

    Oh yes, yes, yes! This is so fun. All of these clothes are awesome. I love how much I accomplish and how often I get more than 1 hour in…I just get rolling and don’t want to stop. And, that is saying something considering I had a surprise appendectomy last week! KCWC is such an inspiration!

  17. Melissa Q. says:

    and, so sorry about the illness. boo.

  18. looks fabulous and I love purple on a boy!

  19. lisa w says:

    I had to take a kcwc sick say on tuesday because my son and I were throwing up…together…(thanks for sharing!) starting at no other than 3 a.m. But otherwise I am plugging along.

  20. […] the fabric: pinwale corduroy in aqua and leftover purple fabric from these pants. […]