kcwc fall 2011: day three

October 12th, 2011

blue corduroy pants

These are the pants with the silly bunting tag I showed you last week. And look! they aren’t on backwards! The pattern is from Happy Homemade vol. 2 and it is by far my favorite pants pattern.  I’ve used it to make these pj pants, these crazy pants, these linen pants, and the exact same corduroy pants in gray (plus a few more I never blogged about). And now these blue beauties. The corduroy is a navy wide wale from joanns and it is so soft.

handmade wool pants

I found this beautiful brown wool at the thrift store and knew I could use the same pattern for some good, old man pants.Do you think I am addicted to this pattern? I am. I lined the pants with flannel using Dana’s tutorial, except my waistband was separate, so I had to fake my way through that. The pockets are pretty much like Dana’s too only more rounded and I pressed the top bit so the lining would show–sort of like faux piping.

wool pants front detail

The fake fly (faux fly?)  is one of my favorite things about the pattern and I gussied it up with two lines of topstitching. I also did flat felled seams along the crotch and down the sides, which you can kind of see in the picture below.  I put the pockets up way too high, so now my little boy has old man pants with a big, old man butt.

wool pants back

And just so you don’t think all my garment are perfect (trust me, they are far from it) here is a shot of the inside waistband. That’ll be yur Hot Mess. Part of KCWC is screwing up and soldiering on!

hot mess

These people sewed on and look what amazing things they made! From the flickr pool today:

kcwc collage day 3

  1. checked shirt
  2. recycled hopscotch shirt
  3. rust corduroy pants
  4. denim jumper with ribbon embellishment 

happy day three of kcwc!





11 Responses to kcwc fall 2011: day three

  1. venus says:

    Ugh! Placing pockets can be tricky at times. Oh man, I have lots of ,”what the @#$&!” moments, but hey… so long as no one can see it… you’re good to go!

    I’m diggin’ the hopscotch shirt and the denim jumper. This has been an awesome challenge, soooo many cool things. Some of these outfits I wish I could wear myself!

  2. anna says:

    i can’t wait to make some pants! these are so great. love the wide wale ones especially. Love that you showed the mistakes too, love that!!!

  3. Kimberly says:

    Love that you showed the mistakes. And they look awesome on, so it doesn’t even matter – and that topstiching on the faux fly is killer as is the neat little faux piping trick – I’m totally trying out that technique! I swear I have looked in the Flickr Group 25 times since Monday, but I never even ran across these beauties – so inspiring!

  4. kristin says:

    love those cords! i have that book but haven’t made anything from it yet. fun roundup, too!

  5. Crystal says:

    Those wool pants are seriously cute. And I like the cords too, I need to learn how to make pants where the pockets aren’t added after, if that makes sense. I’m seriously considering Happy Homemade vol. 2 now. That fake fly is to die for, I love how the stiching continues all the way around the crotch. Thanks for putting my Irish Setter’s blurry face on your blog :)

    • meg says:

      HH2 has a very cool way to make a pocket. I love the book, so of course I’m going to tell you to buy it! Funny, I didn’t even notice the dog until you pointed him out!

  6. Tiphaine says:

    It is such a fun that week !! I really appreciate to see what everybody is doing. Thanks for that Elsie !

  7. Carla says:

    I love those cords! And I very much appreciate the hot mess, it gives me hope and perseverance. I need to get that book, I just finished a pair of pocket pants from sew liberated and I wish they fit more like yours.

  8. Jenny says:

    Awesome pants! I’d love some of those in my size!

    KCWC always reminds me how SLOW I sew. I look at the Flickr group see that people have created entire garments. I’m three days in, and all I have to show for myself are some Batman pants and a Batman belt that still needs velcro.

  9. Felicia (Flickafish) says:

    Love love the waistband photo…. I’ve done a bit of that kinda sewing myself this week – you know the kind where you don’t quite catch the other side of the binding. Play on!

    I rarely comment but just want to say I think you are a champion for all that KCWC is and will be. A massive dose of inspiration and motivation rolled into one.

    Thanks x

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