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reinvention winner!

book, pouch, coffee

and the winner is…Avital, who said:

I’ve got a roll of tyvek that my construction working husband brought me home from the garbage pile at a construction site, and I need to make some things with it. I was a little daunted by its whiteness, and it actually never occurred to me to try painting it. duh. I am not to clever sometimes. I make a lot of things out of felted wool sweaters and old t-shirts, and thanks to Maya’s inspiration I rescued a stack of coffee sacks a while back and have been making buckets from her pattern and then branched out into other things with burlap , and it has been great fun. I’d really like to win a copy of this book, so fingers crossed!

Get that tyvek out! Avital, if you’d send me your deets I can forward them on to Wiley Craft (! Thanks to everyone who entered. Please do check out the book, it really is a good one.



instagram friday

I’m guessing instagram friday is a thing. Seems to fit with the lazy blogger friday vibe. Here is a bit from my week:


I am elsiemarley on instagram or webstagram, if you want to follow along online. Happy Weekend!

at the cabin

walk in the woods the chapel

Did you miss me? We went on a short notice, laid back, lovely vacation to my family’s cabin last week. There was not much to do (no internet!) except take walks in the woods and…

sjc bell banner sjp

look at funny shaped buildings,

kitchen table sewing

sit around the kitchen table, and maybe do a little sewing.

It was so quiet and so nice to be away for a bit. Sorry to all of you waiting for an email–it’s coming! And yay! for all of you who signed up for kcwc: 232 so far! I’ve got a list of what I want to make, but I need to edit it down to the things I can actually make. What about you? Do you have a list yet?

p.s. all these photos are from my instagram feed, but you can view (and comment and follow and favorite) them online at  Even more elsie marley, just what you wanted :)



bunnies and eggs

bunnies and eggs

It feels like the fourth of July in Wisconsin, but Easter is still a few weeks away. I’m going to try not think the weather is apocalyptic, but rather start making things for spring. Here are a few projects from the elsie marley archives to get you going.

1. bean bag bunnies. These are still getting played with 4 years after I made them–that’s like 40 in toy years!

2. the quick little bunny. Recycled, fast, cute, this bunny gets it all right. It’s even more adorable with a bandanna!

3. homemade peeps. sugar high! sugar high! sugar high! sugar high!

4. eggs in the mail. Did you know you could send plastic eggs in the mail? Wouldn’t it be great to get one in your mailbox?

Got any good spring things in the works?

almost spring sponsors

forsithia before after

It is almost spring, at least the forsythia thinks so. The weather man seems to think there is a winter storm in the works.

Either way, it’s a new month with a new batch of sponsors! Wouldn’t you like to be one? Sponsorship on elsie marley is only $25/month. I keep it small and affordable, so indie shops and little blogs can easily do it. You don’t need to be a professonal blogger (whatever that is!) to have a sponsor spot. Maybe you just want to get your blog out there and grow your readership a bit. With 50,000 unique visitors a month there will be plenty of people headed your way. I would love to introduce your shop or blog to elsie marley readers. Drop me a quick line at

and we can talk about sponsorship and the weather!