almost spring sponsors

February 27th, 2012

forsithia before after

It is almost spring, at least the forsythia thinks so. The weather man seems to think there is a winter storm in the works.

Either way, it’s a new month with a new batch of sponsors! Wouldn’t you like to be one? Sponsorship on elsie marley is only $25/month. I keep it small and affordable, so indie shops and little blogs can easily do it. You don’t need to be a professonal blogger (whatever that is!) to have a sponsor spot. Maybe you just want to get your blog out there and grow your readership a bit. With 50,000 unique visitors a month there will be plenty of people headed your way. I would love to introduce your shop or blog to elsie marley readers. Drop me a quick line at

and we can talk about sponsorship and the weather!

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