eggs in the mail

April 27th, 2011

Before easter is gone and we’re on to the next holiday (MayDay! MayDay!) I wanted to show you this little project my kids and I did. A little while back, I saw this picture:

and I thought it was the happiest thing ever. Eggs in the mail! How awesome is that? The photo led me to this post on giverslog about how to send plastic eggs in the mail. So I picked up some big plastic eggs and we stuffed them full of balloons, chocolate eggs, bunny tattoos, and confetti. Then we taped them shut and took them to the post office. My mailman was little wary and very picky about labeling, but in the end he stamped them and send them on their way.

We didn’t send them far, mostly around town, but I’ve heard they made it and were well received. Yay! It’s got me excited to see what else I can mail. At giverslog, AmberLee has a whole category called happy mail, where she mails all kinds of awesome things: a shovel, a frisbee, a bottle. Getting mail is still super exciting for me–probably because growing up in the sticks it was the only thing that happened all day–but it just got so much better.

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16 Responses to eggs in the mail

  1. Misty says:

    What a fun idea! I bet the recipients were thrilled to receive these. When I was a kid, my parents took a trip to Hawaii and sent me a coconut in the mail. It was such a surprise and totally made my day! :)

  2. Katie says:

    What a fun idea! So much more fun to find in the mail than strewn about all over the house… :)

  3. k a t y says:

    that’s why i don’t like holidays=no mail.

    i think my dad might have been responsible for the regulations of the us postal system. when they were dating, my dad sent my mom an actual egg (with a message inside), rocks with painted love notes, and tree bark with a clever poem on it. they delivered the egg in one of those “sorry your mail was damaged in shipping” bags, just little pieces of egg shell.

    he still sends the best mail.

    • meg says:

      katy, that is so fantastic! bark?! awesome. now I want to know about all the strange things people send through the mail…

  4. Anya says:

    Wow, this is so cool!

  5. Holly says:

    mail is so romantic. I mean, mail from people you give a crap about–not flyers from the Chinese takeout down the street. Anyway, awesome idea. Why can’t I have friends who are more like you?

  6. Svenna says:

    I love this idea, I’d love to get an egg in the post! :)

  7. Michelle P says:

    My brothers girlfriend sent him a coconut when she went on vacation to Hawaii.

  8. Marlena says:

    Way cool, Meg! Have you seen this blog, all about sending fun things?

  9. julia says:

    awesome! when i was in college- we mailed a winter squash to a friend. just wrote the address and stuck the stamp straight on the squash. it wasn’t really edible by the time she got it, but fun nonetheless. i think the usps has gotten stricter about this, but i’m glad they still let you mail the eggs- how fun!

  10. molly says:

    seriously?! never would have thought this possible, hoo boy!

    we’re far away from family and home, and just finally getting the hang of the whole care package deal. oh, the doors this opens…

  11. MJ says:

    An old roommate of mine once received a hulahoop in the mail! Also a kickball. Last time I tried something of this sort the USPS refused to send it unless I purchased a box.

  12. MJ says:

    Ok so he did have to purchase a tyvek bag to send it in, but my husband sent me a small can of sweet peas for valentine’s day while we were dating. The only other thing in the envelope was a tiny scrap of paper that said, “Will you be my valentine sweet pea?”

  13. monica says:

    what a gorgeous thing to do… although I don’t think the UK postal service would cope with that!

  14. Sascha says:

    Did you know you can buy day old chicks through the mail? We almost did, but the thought of opening the box with a few casualties changed our minds. Why would we want to buy chickens through the mail you ask? We wanted a few breeds that we can’t find from our local suppliers.

  15. Melissa says:

    There is an excellent book on this concept– Good Mail Day . Has mailing rules (you can send basically anything, and the post office will deliver it as long as it doesn’t fall outside of safety guidelines. Absolutely fabulous book.

    What a fun idea!!