summer journal: summer’s end

September 11th, 2013

It’s hard to let summer go, but it really is over now. School’s in full swing and the weatherman assures me the heat wave is over. I wanted to do one last summer journal entry, because there were so many little bits of our summer I missed sharing with you.

summer's end on elsie marley

We picked our fair share of berries (including this enormous blackberry from our backyard).

summer's end on elsie marley

We went to the farmer’s market almost every week.

summer's end on elsie marley

We built ferris wheels and rode on some too.

summer's end on elsie marley

We built forts…that were much, much harder than they looked.

summer's end on elsie marley

We did silly thing too like coloring our hair with chalk…

summer's end on elsie marley

…and making cakes out of watermelon.

summer's end on elsie marley

Mostly we played: inside and outside and wherever we could. How was your summer? Messy? Busy? Too hot? Too long? I want to hear about it!


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8 Responses to summer journal: summer’s end

  1. christina says:

    Woah. That blackberry! (I loved your entire summer journal series.) My summer was messy, busy, and definitely too SHORT! I’m so not ready for our long, Montana winter yet, but it’s just around the corner.

    • meg says:

      ours was very messy and busy too! Wisconsin has long winters as well, but me? I can’t wait for winter!!

  2. Cathy says:

    Our summer was sandy — we spent so much of it at the beach. And yes, too short. But I guess they wouldn’t be so much fun if you didn’t have winter to make you look forward to warm weather?

  3. Nicole says:

    So much awesomeness pictured here! Watermelon cake looks terrific- it is quite warm in PA today. Had fun instagramming a few scenes with #summerjournal. For me it was absolutely not too hot – and probably my last summer with a proper baby: 7 months old and now standing on his own.

  4. Tara says:

    your summer looks like it was amazing and fun!

  5. mrsrobinson says:

    Oh my! Watermelon cake… what a marvel!

  6. lindsay says:

    So you are pretty much the queen of summertime fun in my book and I loved catching ideas and inspirations off your ig-feed. Our summer was too short- already looking forward to next year.