stripy suit

August 6th, 2014

stripy swim suit on elsie marley

I started sewing clothes for my kids 6 years ago. These pants are actually the first thing I ever made! Part of me is very proud at how far I’ve come. That up there is a by god homemade swimsuit! But then another part of me is disappointed with my sloth-like pace.

stripy swim suit on elsie marley

If I had know it would take 6 years to become a confident sewer, would I have started? And really I’m only a confident sewer when it comes to making children’s clothes. Quilts, zippers, and especially grown up garments still scare the shit out of me.

stripy swim suit on elsie marley

At the same time I was starting to sew kids clothes, I was starting to sew my own. Those drawstring pjs in the post with my first handmade kid pants? I still wear them (and they continue to be like “drawstring bags for your legs and about that flattering”). Right around that time I made this dress and it still hangs, unhemmed, in my studio. I learn slowly. And more to the point I gain confidence slowly.

stripy swim suit on elsie marley

The newness of an unknown skill is scary. The vulnerability you feel in the face of failure is unsettling. The courage to overcome your self-doubt is difficult to find.  The strength seemingly comes out of nowhere for others. And fast. I take tiny steps towards new skills, new materials, new ideas.

stripy swim suit on elsie marley

I feel like I have to live up to the frenetic pace of the internet. NEW THINGS ALL THE TIME! OR AT LEAST NEWISH THINGS SLIGHTLY RE-HASHED! ALL THE DAMN TIME! But I can’t. I don’t have a pattern coming out, or a fabric line, or a mash-up pattern collective/fabric line. I am learning how to sew one thing at time.

stripy swim suit on elsie marley

pattern: cosi swimsuit by sew pony   //   fabric: blue and white stripes from Spandex World

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40 Responses to stripy suit

  1. Kiona says:

    Was this a bought pattern? If so, I would love to know where I can purchase it? Cheers & happy making

  2. Bérangère says:

    Omg, I love your blog so much! I’m reading this… Feeling. Every. Word. I relate 100% and I don’t I even sew! I do love fabrics though. I’m an illustrator (who’s not even illustrating lately) and fantasizing about patterns I will create one day. I’m discovering new skills with pottery and made some pretty neat creations but it’s a slow process too. I feel confident with my cooking but I can’t seem to get at it and actually share with pictures. When I do, I write too long. So it drags and drags and someone else ends up posting about a similar idea and I give up. I avoided blogs lately for that particular reason. It’s silly really. It’s not a race or competition. Yet I end up feeling the pressure. Mostly for the wrong reasons.

    Thank you so much for the refreshing and honest post. Please continue. That bathing suit is super. Keep inspiring please! :)

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