creative assignment: light

You guys have been hounding me for your next creative assignment. I love it! It means you are as excited about this as I am (now if I could stop being a week behind on everything). I have been thinking about this challenge for a while now. I had a different idea, one that was pretty good and I was sure I was going to go with it. Then I accidentally fell in love with an artist.

james turrell

1. Aten Rein at the Guggenheim 2. Stonescape 3. Apani, Ganzfeld 4. Stufe 5. Live Oak Friends Meeting House

I read this article about James Turrell in MIT Technology Now (it’s a tech magazine, yes I am a nerd). I felt this rush of excitement and awe just reading about his work. I spent the next 3 hours

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fawn lily dress

May 20th, 2014

the fawn lily dress by elsie marley

If you are interested in sewing kid’s clothes you have certainly by now heard of Willow & Co. It is a group of 8 amazing designers who have banded together to create seasonal children’s clothing pattern collections.  Their first collection is called Wanderlust: Glamping Edition and it has been praised up and down the internet.

the fawn lily dress by elsie marley

Hayley from Welcome to the Mouse House invited me along on the Glamping Tour (thanks, Hayley!). I said yes right away and then took forever to decided what to make. There are dresses and tunics and ponchos and jumpsuits and oh! it was so hard to decide. In the end,

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May 14th, 2014


Stylo is a new eMagazine that focuses on modern children’s sewing patterns and fashion. It’s produced by Celina of Petit a Petit and Family and Jess of the Sewing Rabbit–two women I’ve had the privilege to meet and work with many times. They are stylish in their own right, so it’s no surprise their magazine is super stylish too. And I had the good luck to be in their second issue! 

handmade digger on elsie marley

They gave 6 designers one fabric and gave us free rein to sew what we liked. This fabric stumped me. It’s very bold and graphic, mostly aqua with flashes of hot pink and coral. I almost went whole hog

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chicken adobo

May 9th, 2014

chicken adobo recipe on elsie marley

The title of this post could have been, “Chicken loves vinegar.” Chicken and vinegar really do go so well together. My go-to quick dinner is boneless chicken thighs sautéed in butter and a sauce made from simply deglazing the pan with apple cider vinegar. The sauce is buttery and tangy and so, so good. So I knew chicken loved vinegar, but I didn’t really know the extend of the love affair until I made chicken adobo.

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sew along CENTRAL newsletter

These days, it seems there are sew-alongs everywhere you look!  But I always seem to find the most interesting ones after they’ve finsihed. I’m sure I’m not the only one who can’t keep track of all the awesomeness. So I thought I’d remedy the situation with a simple newsletter: sew-along CENTRAL. Just a list of what sew-alongs are coming up for the month–garment sew-alongs, kids sew alongs, quilt alongs, bag alongs, I’m sure there are other alongs I haven’t even heard of yet!

Would you like to know about all the sew-alongs happening? Would you like them all conveniently delivered to your inbox?  I promise not to get all spammy on you. I just want to tell you about all the good things happening in the sewing world! Typically the newsletter will go out once a month. Then you will be all ready to jump into whatever sew-alongs strike your fancy! To sign up for the newsletter follow this link, or use the form in the sidebar —>

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