Next week is the Happy Homemade Sew-along! You bought the book, you picked out the fabric, laid out all your other supplies neatly, and now you are just waiting for Cherie and I to tell you to start. Well, probably not. More likely that you’ll run to the library this weekend to get the book and grab some fabric from your stash that is good enough. Either way, the sew-along starts Monday! We have a schedule and everything:

Happy Homemade Sew-along: June 16-20

Monday: Trace pattern pieces and add seam allowance

Tuesday: Cut out fabric and prepare

Wednesday: Sew sleeves and hood

Thursday: Attach hood

Friday: Finish up!

Cherie is going to do Mon, Wed, Fri and I will do Tues and Thurs.  Stop by either blog each day and we’ll tell you where to find all the information you need! But you don’t need to do exactly what we do everyday. You can sew the hoodie at your own pace. If you are participating be sure to posts some in-progress shots on Instagram and tag them #happyhomemadesewalong. You can add them to the flickr group too!

Sharing your finished hoodie:
If you’d want your pictures included in our round-up or entered into our sew-along prize giveaway, make sure to add your photos to the flickr group by the end of the day, Monday, June 23.  That way you have the weekend to finish up and photograph your hoodie!  Please only upload photos that you are comfortable with us sharing on our blogs. Now let’s talk about the awesome prize package!!

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happy homemade sew-along fabrics: chambray and linen

1. momo, linen mochi dot: teal 2.kaufman yarn dyed essex linen blend: denim blue 3. andover fabrics, chambray: garden 4. kaufman essex linen blend: sunshine 5. robert kaufman, chambray: indigo ships 6. cotton chambray dots

The Happy Homemade Hoodie sew-along is next week! You got the book, but now you need the fabric! What are you going to make you hoodie out of? This hoodie pattern works with a so many different fabrics. My favorite for summertime is linen; chambray runs a close second. After a hot day at the beach nothing feels better on your skin than linen. The Robert Kaufman yard dyed essex linen is everyone’s favorite and it is perfect for this hoodie pattern.

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happy homemade sew-along: hoodie round up

1. polka dot parka 2. knit hoodies 3. chambray pull over 4. green hoodie  

Are you guys excited for the Happy Homemade sew-along?! Do you have the book? If not, Cherie has a great post about where to get it. If you do (or if it’s on the way) then you are ready to start dreaming about what you are going to make. The pull-over parka (I just call it a hoodie) is a great pattern to play around with. Cherie did a post today about the changes you can make to the pattern, but you don’t have to make any changes to make a great hoodie.

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creative assignment: light

1. skirt as top 2. you and mie 3. the joy of cooking 4. microbesofunusualsizes 5. a happy stitch 6. damsel_fly

So many lovely photos for May’s creative assignment. Everyone tried to capture light in different ways. I love how in the first photo it is if the light is coming toward you and away from you at the same time. I’m reading a few books about light at the moment and the Greeks believed light emanated from the eye. We saw things because they were lit from the fire within ourselves. It’s called  the emission theory and though it has obviously be disproved, it’s still kind of lovely to think about.

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Happy Homemade sew-along

May 28th, 2014

happy homemade sew-along: June 16-20, 2014

I’ve been saying I was going to do it forever and finally it’s here–a Happy Homemade vol. 2 sew-along! I’m super excited to partner with Cherie from You & Mie to bring you this sew-along. Happy Homemade vol.2 has long been my favorite pattern book. Recently it’s been translated into English and renamed Sew Chic Kids. If you’ve ever wanted to sew with Japanese patterns, but were too nervous to start this is the sew-along for you. You can jump in the deep end with the Japanese version of the book (and we’ll help you the whole way) or you can just get your toes wet using the English version. Either way, it’s going to be great!

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