kcwc: day three

September 22nd, 2010

Sorry, little behind schedule today because I went out with my wonderful husband to celebrate our anniversary last night, but I’m up an caffeinated now, and the winners of the big butt baby pants and the toddler back pack patterns have been announced!

Sometimes you don’t need anything fancy you just need a plain old pair of pants. These are made with some nice, heavy wide wale corduroy and I used the same pattern as these shorts I made, only longer. Of course they are too long and too big all over really, but the boy grows like a weed, so they might fit at the end of the winter. Still, he loves them (hence all the wrinkles) and now says gray is his favorite color–wonder who he got that from?

For today’s giveaway Liesl from Oliver + S has kindly offered their new Music Box Jumper pattern! I think everyone who sews children’s clothes is crazy for Oliver + S patterns. And how could you not be? They are beautifully designed, well written, and come with their own paper doll!  The purl bee recently showed off a version of the Music Box Jumper in corduroy (liberty corduroy!) and it couldn’t be more perfect.

To enter the giveaway today, I’d love it if you tell us something about an Oliver + S project you’ve worked on or a story you have about working with patterns or even what has caught your eye in the flickr group so far. Good Luck!


The winner IS

#42: UK lass in US



211 Responses to kcwc: day three

  1. Lisa Marie says:

    I had a long conversation with my partner about the garments on the flickr group and how inspiring they are, especially those made for girls. I think they establish a new kind of femininity and help define how we want our girls to be seen in this 21st century. I love the idea of seeing more young girls in the natural fabrics, graphic, bold paterns, and vibrant colors, as seen in the garments on flickr. The flickr garments are a welcome contrast to the pink, purple, sparkly items off-the-rack.

  2. Lisa Marie says:

    Oh, no! That’s so sad. I was in the process of writing my response while you closed it. :-(

  3. Domina says:

    Had to laugh – it seemed like everyone made pants for the first day of the challenge! Also noticed how nearly all the clothes are for little kids (preschoolers and under). Doesn’t anyone sew for big kids? I need ideas!

  4. Laura says:

    I have not had the money to splurge on a Oliver + S yet, but I love most of them. Such classic style!

  5. Jenn says:

    I am currently making the jump rope dress and I am loving it. It’s the first time I have EVER made a placket. The instructions are so good that I was successful on my first try! For a girl who regularly sews the fronts to the backs by accident, this made me feel so good.

  6. I have worked on a Make it Perfect Blossom Skirt this week. It’s turning out super cute! Will post a photo in flickr when I finish :)

  7. Laura says:

    Oh Oliver & S patterns, how I love thee. I’ve never used one, but they are so stunning looking. I hope I win so I can’t say “never” anymore.

  8. Barbara says:

    I love the O+S patterns but being on a study loan right now I haven’t really managed to buy one. I love the style and I WILL make a Ice cream dress, blouse version. I think it looks just so neat!

  9. I wish I could tell a story about an Oliver + S pattern I have made but honestly, but I have been practising, studying and honing my skills before making one of their gorgeous patterns. I’m in love with all of their pieces, and keep stockpiling them, but haven’t gotten the courage to sew one up yet. I would LOVE for this to be the first one! I’ll be crossing my fingers for this one…and so is my 3 year old!!!

  10. Janica says:

    I was always TERRIFIED of patterns! DOn’t they look complicated?! I can rarely even get them back in the envelope:) However, I am grateful for Sandi Henderson’s PortabelloPixie patterns because they have pictures and easy explanations. It was a great baby step to lure me into tackling “real” patterns with zippers & buttons:)

  11. Lourdes says:

    I´m a beginner sewer… and I really woudl like to try a Oliver + S Pattern.
    this music box jumper is so sweet, I think I can do it for my DD.
    I hoppe … I´ll be crossing the fingers for this one.
    Thanks for the chance!!!