kcwc spring 2012: day two

April 24th, 2012

color block pocket

Yesterday’s outfit was very subdued, but today we’re going color block crazy! I am very happy with how this whole outfit turned out. I didn’t imagine the skirt and the top going together when I made them, but they do! Michael Kors would say it’s very on trend (then Nina Garcia would tear it apart) and I suppose it is, but it’s still little kid too.

ayashe shirt

the pattern: ayashe blouse pattern by figgy’s

the fabric: vintage sheet

the sewing: For as complicated as this shirt looks, it wasn’t all that difficult. I did have to wrestle with the collar a bit, but it turned out well enough. My fabric cutting can get kind of sloppy and the collar’s measurements need to be exactly right to work. Next time I’ll pay a bit more attention when I’m cutting it out. There will be a next time, because really this was supposed to be a muslin. I made the 6/7 size for my 6 1/2 girl and it just fits, but I’m guessing it won’t by the end of the summer. The only thing I changed was to finish the sleeves in bias tape. Oh and I skipped the elastic at the bottom too.

color block skirt

the pattern: I didn’t really use a pattern, but kind of used this skirt as a guide.

the fabric: The top part is from an old shirt, the orange is some weird, slinky, cottony stuff I picked up at the thrift store, and the pockets are quilting cotton. Every bit came from my scrap bin.

the sewing: I saw this photo of a color block dress a while back on pinterest and immediately wanted to make a similar skirt or dress for my daughter. I picked through my scrap bin and came across the orange and light blue, which I loved together, but had very little of either. I pieced them together like a quilt and slapped some pretty aqua pockets on top. I fussed with the ratio of light blue to orange for far too long. Finally I said screw it, sewed elastic in, and called it done.

color block details

If you follow me on twitter or facebook you know already, but this is the biggest kcwc yet!  With 640 participants, not only is it the biggest kcwc, but it is almost twice as big as any we’ve ever had! When I ask you get to get the word out, wow! you really get the word out there!  You guys are awesome. The flickr pool is starting to fill up and any minute now it’s going to explode with amazing kid clothes. Here are today’s beauties:

1. me so crazy vintage twirl skirt

2. figgy’s sunki tunic

3. cars board shorts

4. houndstooth cardigan

edited to add: oops, just check the flickr pool and it already exploded.


23 Responses to kcwc spring 2012: day two

  1. Courtney says:

    wow, I can’t believe my board shorts are here among all the awesome-ness, thanks! I love your day two outfit! I want one in my size!

  2. Catty says:

    Make that 641! I am in and hope to post a picture of my daughter’s summer romper!

  3. So cute! They do go together perfectly! And I also can’t believe the flickr pool…I feel like I can’t even keep up sewing, because I just want to sit there and gawk at all the amazingness flying around. Maybe I should just be the sidelines cheerleader for the rest of the week… lol!

  4. Thanks so much for featuring my vintage twirl skirt. I cant wait to see my eldest wearing it this Summer :)

  5. manda says:

    thats a funky outfit Meg….you must be so happy KCWC has grown so much and burst at the seams haha…..congratulations! and thanks x

  6. Bek says:

    Gotta love a project that rises out of the scrap bin. This is such a cool outfit!

  7. Shelly says:

    I am so impressed with all of this!! Love all this goodness!

  8. Wanett says:

    Gorgeous!! I love the bold color pairings! And I love seeing more Figgy’s patterns sewn up. I can’t wait to order mine.

  9. Upstatemamma says:

    I am having so much fun this week. I love all the talking and inspiration I’ve gotten from all of the awesome outfits everyone has been making.

  10. kristin says:

    three cheers for colorblocking – what fun colors! the flickr pool is INSANE this time! so fun!

  11. Jacqui says:

    Awww…thanks for putting my Sunki tunic up there! And yes, the pool has totally exploded and now how am I supposed to do any sewing when I have to sit and look at all the really cool clothes and make nice comments and favourite things and be inspired? It’s the Catch-22!

    I have to laugh at the top photo for the expression – I got several like that today but didn’t want to scare anyone by putting them on my blog. The skirt is very cool, I’d like one!

    • Jacqui says:

      P.S. I had the exact same sizing thing happen to me with the tunic, but perhaps because my daughter is 6 3/4 I didn’t get away with it! It’s going next door to be worn by a 5 3/4 year old :)

      • meg says:

        I think next time I’ll make the bigger size and make it a good 6 inches longer. You’ve got me itching to make that sunki tunic now too!

  12. Lisa says:

    Love the colour block look. Flickr pool is great, unfortunately I can’t get my login to work so I can’t put mine on Flickr – grrrr , but great inspiration from others. Thanks for organizing .

  13. Lucinda says:

    i love, LOVE this colorblocked outfit!! The skirt is my fave – and so very cool that you made it from scraps! Looks so cute on your daughter:)

  14. Your colour blocked outfit is so lovely, that I don’t find words for it!

  15. tjremp says:

    homemade kids colorblocking?! i LOVE it. i’m not a great sewer but these outfits are so inspirational i just might have to dust of my machine. maybe. perhaps i’ll just sew some funky orange pockets on some white tees and call it a day. thanks for the inspiration.

  16. LauraB says:

    wow! What great colours! And amazing that there’re over 600! I’m very motivated this time – have made two pairs of bloomers, two dresses, and a bonnet so far!

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