creative assignment: twofer

September 10th, 2014

creative assignment: twofer

It’s been a little while since our last Creative Assignment and I’m ready for another! How about you? Just the promise of Fall has me feeling refreshed.

creative assignment: twofer

1. lincoln 2. banana 3. dj felix 4. cyclops 5. doorbell 6. diy sticker mandala

New ideas are the new thing these days. It sometimes seems our economy is riding on the hope of “new ideas.” As humans we are always looking for the exciting new thing. As modern humans we are looking to wow our boss or get famous or make bank, all with the one new idea.

But new ideas don’t come out of the blue; they come out of what is already here. Oftentimes the best ideas, or the most beautiful, or at the very least the most clever, come from 2 things. I looked around my Pinterest account to find a few examples of this. You can see them pictured above.

creative assignment: twofer

Some are useful, some are hilarious, some are even thought-provoking, but all are two things stuck together. They are all a Twofer. Incredibly creative, aren’t they? But when you look at them as this + that, the creativity doesn’t seem so unreachable. Now, two things smashed together can be crap too. The craft world is particularly good at this. See: mason jar + anything, chalkboard + everything.

creative assignment: twofer

This assignment will be in two parts (fitting). For the first part you need to leave a comment with a word. Nouns are probably easier to work with than emotions or philosophical concepts, but they don’t have to be nouns. You be the judge, because for the next part you will get 2 of these words to work with.

Make sure you leave your email address because for part two I will email you 2 words. Take those words and make something: a drawing, a mini quilt, a website, dinner, anything! But first things first, we need the words. So leave a comment on this post, or leave 10, but do leave good words.

Got it? Okay, go!


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    (summer dreaming still, I guess)

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    my words are currently influenced by my kids:

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    What a neat idea! OK, I’m in.


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    this is great :)


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