October 3rd, 2007

work table

Yet another stellar picture.  And another good excuse:  I sew in the basement.  As I sew down there, I like to think there are others like me toiling away in the crappy light, with the washing machine going, on cold cement floors, in the damp, musty air,  with ducts.  Sometimes I do a little patchwork piece and think the prints I’ve chosen to combine are inspired and avant-garde and oh so right and then I go upstairs into the light of day and it’s crap.  The bookshelf that holds my fabric used to hold old paint and old car oil and god knows what else.  It’s been there so long it’s painted to the floor many times over.   But it’s my space and I love it.   So I say stand up for your low light and drop ceilings.  Studios, craft rooms, whatever you call them, they don’t have to be beautifully painted and artfully decorated (though god willing, someday we will all have one that is).  Beautiful things can come out of strange places.

The picture above was taken from above for Ms. Hyenia-in-Petticoats call for a bird’s eye view of worktables.  Jack Sprat and his round wife that I mentioned before are there waiting to be finished. As is a little clutch from this tutorial (if you were my best friend in high school do not click on that link).  And one of the many acorns I made (using these clever instructions) for a baby shower this past weekend.  The centerpiece was a vase of long branches hung with a dozen acorns.  It turned out so nicely I think I have to make more for my mantle.

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3 Responses to working

  1. Leah says:

    Yay! Thanks for playing!
    I know how you feel about having no light – I live in an old cottage that is very dark, and I get huge bursts of envy at the homes I see, full of light and beautiful things, organised and graceful!
    Your desk looks fab though – all those little legs on the run – brilliant!

  2. Beth says:

    YES! I have a little tiny space, right in the middle of everything (seen when you enter the front door)… It needs to be cleaned up whenever I finish. No room for an inspiration board or some such thing. Fabric is housed under the bed and in my closet! But it works! You do make absolutely beautiful things in your space.

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