winter kcw: outfit #2

February 12th, 2014

handmade pink and orange sweatshirt on elsie marley

Recently my daughter has been into pink. Waaaay into it. Especially when it’s paired with purple. Oh, barf. Pink has never been a color I’ve been attracted to and though I’m sometimes strangely drawn to purple, it’s not my favorite either. Together? No way! Sewing something you hate is no fun, but sewing something that will end up being hated is even worse.

handmade pink and orange sweatshirt on elsie marley

So I came up with a compromise: a salmony pink paired with burnt orange. Boom! We both love it. The pink is a thrifted sweatshirt fabric that is super soft on the inside–sweatshirt fleece maybe. Is there such a thing? And the orange is an old tee shirt. The pattern is completely made up and I’m not super happy with it, but I think it’ll do.

handmade pink and orange sweatshirt on elsie marley

It’s a raglan sleeve with a high-low hem. I haven’t been able to get this shirt that Brienne made out of my head. There was going to be a lot more color blocking going on, but in the end it was too much. I love the idea of striped cuffs, but I liked this shirt more with 3/4 length sleeves. My daughter did not agree, so I made the sleeve hem big enough to roll up. It’s all about compromise these days.

gold dot leggings on elsie marley

The gold polka dot leggings were easy peasy. The only mishap came when I went to hem the bottoms. Instead of pressing a nice crease, my iron melted the damn fabric. Luckily they melted in just the right place, so they’re not too short. I serged the bottoms and called it a day.

kcw handmade outfit #2 on elsie marley

Stylish, comfy, pink: this outfit ticks all the boxes.

kcw winter outfit #2 by elsie marley

If you’d like to know more about these items, you can see all the details on their KCW page: sweatshirt and leggings.

11 Responses to winter kcw: outfit #2

  1. Catelyn says:

    My niece is in this same stage! Everything needs to be pink or a tutu. She has even got pink walls now. My compromise is making her a purple dress – if that fails I will have to give up with meeting in the middle and sew with pink. Shirt and leggings look great together! More retro then pink and girly.

  2. Kristin says:

    Ack, pink. I am with you. I don’t care for it. Purple I love though.
    And yes, sweatshirt fleece is most definitely a thing. My kids love it and it is nice and stable to sew with.

    • meg says:

      Purple can be good, it’s true. And I’m warming to some shades of pink–the corals and the hot, hot pinks. When pinks are paired with orange, I might even say I like them.

  3. Haha! I’m the same with the pink and purple combo…especially the shades all those cheap toys come in. It was one reason I was happy to have 2 boys. I love the shade you chose and those leggings are awesome Meg!

    • meg says:

      the boys colors depress me too, but in a different way. They are all so one dimensional: red. blue. gray. It’s getting better (thank you h&m) but boys like colors too! And girls like things that aren’t pastel!

  4. Jenya says:

    What a lovely compromise!

  5. I like the shape of the shirt, the different length of the front and the back. Fortunately, I still don’t have to compromise when I sew for my daughter as she is little, but I am sure that a few more years and I will be in the same situation.

  6. kristin says:

    i love this outfit, the shape of the top is great and those polka dot leggings are super fun! i know alllll about the pink obsession but it is fun finding other ways to satisfy that girly need – twirl, shine, sparkle, floral, just a touch of pink like on a button…i’m always trying to make it work without sewing a million pink things. haha.

  7. tara says:

    I like the pink,orange combo! Pink and purple……what is it with young girls????

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