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February 4th, 2015

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I feel a little sheepish about writing this post, but I think I should. For the first time almost 5 years, I’m not sewing along this kid’s clothes week. As I pulled together all the buttons from all the KCWs, I counted how many I’ve done. 14!  14 including the very first one where it was just me ;)

Maybe it’s because I’m Midwestern, but I still feel guilty for not sewing along this week. Everyone who is sewing along is making such amazing things! Peer pressure might make me venture down to my studio yet.

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There is another reason I’m not sewing this week. My kids’ school just announced they are implementing a uniform policy. I’m torn by the decision. I think uniforms are fantastic, but my job is making kid’s clothes and getting others excited about making them too. I’m not sure how I feel about it. Do any of your kids wear uniforms to school?

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Do go see all the awesome stuff being made this season. The theme is UPCYCLED and everyone is hitting it out of the park.

19 Responses to why no kcw?

  1. Teresa says:

    I’m not sewing along either this time because my kids just don’t need anything and I can’t justify sewing something just because when I have a laundry list of needs I should take care of! And uniforms…I grew up with them and thought they were the greatest! I didn’t have to think too much when I woke up each morning…ha!

  2. Elizabeth says:

    I felt so much guilt about not sewing along that I decided to sew one thing for each kid. Even though they don’t need anything there were a few things on my list to make for other reasons. A lot of the schools around here are using dress codes instead of uniforms. I kind of like that idea- a limited range of colors and styles but you get to pick where to buy (or what patterns to make). Hope you have a great week, whether it involves sewing or not!

  3. Marci Girl says:

    Yes, my kids wear uniforms to school, no other options and honestly this keeps me from really sewing for them (with the exception of pajamas) because the only time they can wear handmade things is on the weekends and short summers. Frustrating.

  4. Alexis says:

    Not got much time to sew this week, plus two out of three poorly children, and a huge pile of ironing! Might get something done tomorrow! Most schools in the UK have uniform, I think it’s good, and they still get through lots of clothes at the weekend! Plus there the school breaks….

  5. Jennifer says:

    Hi Meg!!! I understand how you feel and want to first of all tell you that you are an INCREDIBLE inspiration. Your KCWs have inspired me year after year to continue to create clothes for (and now with) my girls. Go you!

    Now onto uniforms… our girls started a new school this year and now wear uniforms. It is AWESOME! That is not just me saying that, either – they really love the simplicity of wearing uniforms and the whole “one of these + one of these + i am done” when they set out their clothes each evening. There is no drama around getting ready and their uniforms underscore the sense of community they feel at school, as well. They are allowed to wear “civvies” once or twice a month and really enjoy expressing their individual styles as well as use it as an opportunity to sometimes even design + make something one-of-a-kind :)

    Thanks for all you do to encourage and highlight the tradition of making clothes for kids, Meg. xoxo

  6. Sew Brunswick says:

    Uniforms are the norm in Australia. I love them. Every morning you pick a shirt from a pile of identical shirts and shorts from a pile of identical shorts. You’re done! I also think they’re great for putting all kids on a level playing field as such. Every kid wears the same clothes, it doesn’t matter what your parents do or earn or where they shop. Everyone is the same.

  7. Jennifer says:

    We just moved and started a school that has uniforms. On one hand, I love it because getting dressed in the morning is so easy. On the other hand, choosing clothes wasn’t ever that hard for us. My girls have very unique senses of style and comfort, and now that’s gone during the week. I look at my fabric pile of want-to-makes–and I know there are always weekends–but wonder if there will be a point now…le sigh.

    • meg says:

      It’s the same for us. My daughter especially loves to get creative with what she wears everyday. Le sigh for sure.

  8. Jennifer L says:

    We used to have school uniforms and it was great, except for the socks. We could never find the uniform socks and it’s not like you can just grab a different pair. They always changed out of their uniform right after school so they still needed the same amount of non uniform clothes. I don’t think you will find yourself sewing less.

  9. Petra says:

    Oh Meg,

    I just came to see what you’ve been sewing, because I can’t make myself (find the time) not some space in our overly crowded apartment. AND WITH MY FAVORITE THEME on, I feel so bad! I love KCW!

  10. erin says:

    i say if you aren’t into it this time then you made the right decision. this year, if it doesn’t bring me joy, then i don’t do it! it’s oddly liberating.
    and, yes, my girls have always worn uniforms. i found that sewing spring and summer things for them always made more sense because they got worn more. and pj’s. those are always winners!

  11. Heather in CA says:

    My daughter wears school uniforms & I have to say, I love it. Her uniforms are a limited number of colors for collared shirts, and same colors for pants/skirts/dresses. Actually, with this being not so limited, I’ve made her more school clothes than any time before. She doesn’t like the texture of store bought polo shirts, so she prefers to wear knit shirts that I’ve made. Shawl collars work & are fun to make! I’ve also made her leggings and yoga pants and skirts which she wears to school as well.

  12. Anna Dungay says:

    I grew up in Norway and we don’t wear uniform to school. My kids have grown up in England and have all had to wear uniform from the age of 4..and I hate them. Most English people love them, but my eldest is now 22 and i am dreading my youngest having to wear it in September when she starts school. At the moment she’s more or less the only child in nursery who is not dressed in the voluntary!! uniform. And I’m sewing along this time too.my favourite theme as I’m never short of hand me downs. ;)

  13. Karin says:

    I’m not either. It’s ok for all of us. I actually took apart my “sewing corner” in the basement and transformed it into a space all of us can use to make or play or be. And that is good, too. Thanks for all your hardwork. Consider this a sabatical.

  14. Dam says:

    Wow – this “gallery” shows me, how long I’ve followed your blog.
    And I love the idea of kcw! For me it’s a great help to sew for my kid, because otherwise I wouldn’t do.
    Thanks for organizing, collecting, giving overview, and everything you do to get kcw started!

  15. Toya says:

    I’m lucky that my daughter’s school has a fairly relaxed uniform -skirt, pinafore, trouser in grey, black or denim and a school jumper. She wanted to wear traditional pinafores but because she is such a slight built I made them for her. At first I thought it a fairly dull project, but seeing her in well fitting, handmade dresses and knowing they have bodices lined with contrast prints makes me consider them some of the most successful clothes I’ve made her. Is there any flexibility with your school’s policy?

  16. Rebecca says:

    I feel your pain about the school uniform! My kids age 4 and 6 both wear uniform and I hate it! Same red nylony sweat shirt day in day out, grey nylon trousers and skirts – yuk! We are in the UK and uniforms are pretty standard now. I loved it when they were in pre-school and I could whip up little cotton skirts and shorts over night for them. They loved helping chose fabrics and designs and creating outfits. I am definitely in the minority here in the UK, but I think uniform is so dreary and conformist and saps the creative spirit! I also miss dressmaking as I only do the occasional party dress now. My four year old daughter told me the other day she was bored of wearing red now – she has another seven years of it! I didn’t dare tell her. She doesn’t get uniforms either. x

  17. Molly says:

    My kids started at a school this year with uniforms, and it has been great. I did sew most of the bottoms they wear to school. I could make them skorts with colorful undershorts, or pants out of organic cotton. It did save a little bit of money. And, there is far less laundry.

  18. Our school district has uniforms – not the blouse, tie and 6 paneled grey skirt that I used to have, just collared t-shirts of a certain colour etc. I like it. It’s easier in the morning and there isn’t any teasing about what someone is wearing. It does make for a less varied wardrobe, though. Aside from their favourite t-shirts and shorts that get worn most weekends, my kids can go months without wearing a specific item of clothing. It’s hard to feel motivated to make something that they might only wear a handful of times before they outgrow it.