warm things

December 18th, 2008

…a few warm things I made for the kids so far this winter. The scarves are made from the sleeves of an old felted cashmere sweater and the kids love them because they are so soft.  The flannel pillowcases were supposed to be their St. Nicholas day presents, but I completely forgot about St. Nicholas day.  So they were whipped up in 10 minutes on St Nicholas night right before bedtime. A couple french seams and a big hem and voila! a custom pillowcase. I might make some linen ones for myself after Christmas. And the hat is from an old Martha Stewart pattern.  I’ve used the pattern a bunch of times before, but the sizing is always tricky. I set out to make one hat and suddenly the whole family has them. Usually I just make them from felted sweaters, but for this one I made two hats (one from a sweater and one from an old stripey knit shirt) then fit them together right sides facing, sewed around the edge, turned it out, topstitched and ta da.

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13 Responses to warm things

  1. kirsten says:

    they are all excellent – but the stripey hat is the best!

  2. Oh, Meg! Those scarves and such are so cute. I was going to say which one was my favorite but I can’t decide!

  3. dana says:

    Adorable, all of them. And seeing them all together like that is even more fun.

  4. Erica says:

    so resourceful!

  5. Allison says:

    Such lovely things! And they photograph so well up against that blue wall.

  6. suzy says:

    all so cute! they look very cosy.

  7. cupcake says:

    YUM. I wish I could touch them! They all look so soft and warm.

  8. Melissa says:

    Love the striped hat…I’m a sucker for stripes. I do love the cashmere girls scarf as well. So comfy and warm.

  9. erin says:

    they are all so sweet! i especially love the flower on your daughter’s scarf.

  10. Kellie says:

    Any possibility of seeing more pics of that lovely hat?

  11. Ayama says:

    thank you very much for the link to the martha hat. i have been looking for something like that for our trip to hokkaido to visit the outlaws.

  12. Megan Cooley says:

    Everything is adorable! I loooove that hat. Love that you used a knit for it. Thanks for the regular dose of inspiration.

  13. […] (unlike teenagers) and I’ve scrounged up some pretty fantastic tutorials for winter gear. I’ve made the martha stewart hat a bunch of times and if you can get the sizing right it is quick and stylish […]