September 18th, 2009

The boy is doing such a good job with potty training (this week at least) that I thought I’d make him some special undies. Before the new baby this project would have taken an hour, now it takes a week. You forget just how dramatically the pace changes when you have a tiny baby. But they did get done, amazingly enough, and he likes them–and so do I, but it is hard to watch your work get peed on.

Yay to everyone participating in color week! Don’t worry, you don’t have to take pictures of changing leaves. There aren’t really that many here and we’re way up in Wisconsin. I just thought it would get everyone excited for fall–and hurry it up a bit. For all those in the southern hemisphere: you are of course welcome, even though it’s all pinks and greens in your springtime world now.

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8 Responses to undies

  1. Casey says:

    good idea! I think I’ll store this idea for when my little man starts potty training

  2. ellen says:

    These are adorable!
    I really enjoy visiting your place and appreciate your sense of humor so much. Thanks!
    (However, I am not a happy camper right now…I have had the poem Elsie Marley in my head ALL DAY LONG!! I’m becoming desperate. I hope to flush it out before I go to bed tonight.)
    Happy weekend.

  3. marielle says:

    I love them, particularly the butterfly. What type of paint did you use to stencil?

  4. Antoinette says:

    I totally need some fabric painted undies now! So cool. I want to participate in color week but have so much going on I’d struggle with day one and might drop out after that. So I will just enjoy the links this time.

  5. Evie says:

    So adorable! We haven’t quite made it to the big boy undies yet, so this may be a dumb question, but where did you find them? They seem to be really plush and such a good natural color. Also, where do you get your stencils? Thanks for the idea!

  6. vicki says:

    Oh my these are super cute!

  7. […] also found this underwear idea at the lovely elsie marley blog.  the stencils she used are fantastic, but i still need to take the time to make some, so […]

  8. Meg says:

    These are the best! They make me want to start wetting myself just so I can receive these as an incentive to stop.